10 Best Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat (Expert Opinion & Tips)

Losing weight, without a doubt, is one of the hardest things to do and especially when it comes to losing that fat around the tummy area, it's even more difficult. Since we would all love to slip right into a pair of jeans that fits like dream without having to deal with that paunch, it's quite important to strive hard and work towards the betterment of our health too.

So, what exactly causes belly fat?

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to this issue. Further, not working out, poor eating habits, etc as well can add up to this problem. It is dangerous as it can lead to many health risks as well. It can cause hypertension, diabetes, cancer, and asthma.

So, before you fall into that danger zone, take one step ahead and get into the zone for a healthier routine instead. We have listed down top 10 exercises that will let you lose that stubborn belly fat faster.

The formula is to start slow with brisk walking and stretching and twisting exercises. Eventually, increase the intensity to a rigorous workout. This will help you to continue with your routine and you would rather enjoy working out.

1. Burpees

Burpees are quite helpful for your core, shoulders, and chest. This exercise puts an immense load on your cardiovascular system, leading to a spiked heart rate. It adds immense strength to your muscles and legs. For an ultimate fat burning method that burns up to 50% of your calories, burpees are the way to go.


Sweat now, shine later. Keep going with those burpees!

How to do it

Keep your feet apart and keep your hips backward as you lower your body towards the floor in a squat position. Place your hands to the right of your feet and then hop, keeping your feet back. Allow your chest to touch the floor.

The next step in this is to push your hands down the floor and then lift your body into a plank. Jump towards your hands and then jump high in the air with your arms going above.

2. Mountain Climbers

A better version of a plank is mountain climber that makes your core stronger and helps in strengthening your belly muscles. Mountain climber as an exercise is a great way of building your endurance and body flexibility.

A lot of muscles come into play with this exercise and it's a total body workout. You can shed a lot of calories with this workout and get rid of belly fat too.


Strengthen your core and boost your endurance with mountain climbers .

How to do it

Get into the plank position with your wrists positioned below your shoulders. Make sure your core is tight. Now, draw your belly button inwards towards your spine.

Take the right knee to your chest and then come to plank position. Now, take the left knee to your chest and bring it back. Continue the same at least 10 times on both sides.

3. Medicine Ball Burpees

Medicine ball for your burpees helps in an intense workout that boosts your metabolism as well and is one of the best ways to lose that excess belly fat faster.


How to do it

Stand with your feet and shoulder-distance apart and now, hold the ball with both your hands. Make sure you can balance it right while doing this exercise. Get into the position and rest your hands on the medicine ball. 

Now, bring your knees towards your chest and jump explosively in the air and lift the ball above your head. Repeat the same exercise 10 times for effective results.

4. HIIT Sprints

HIIT sprints is a great way to not only lose belly fat but it also helps maintain the overall health of your body.


How to do it

Start by jogging and after one minute, start running at the highest speed possible. Follow the same for 20seconds at least. Slow down and jog again for a minute. Then, run again for 20 seconds. Do at least five sets of this exercise.

5. Crunches

Crunches are the most effective way to lose weight around the belly. It's one of the highly used methods that doesn’t require any equipment and can be followed even at home.


How to do it

Lie down on your yoga mat and relax your knees. Then, flex them and lift your feet. Place the thumb near your ear. Hold your head with the remaining fingers and then lift your head. This is the first position of your crunches.

Continue following this method and with every crunch, make sure you are curling up and trying to reach your knees with the help your head. Make sure you inhale when you are curling up and relax while going back to the original position. Do this exercise in two sets of 12 reps and notice your belly fat burn.

6. Bicycle Crunches

Just like crunches, bicycle crunches are an intense sort of workout form that helps in getting rid of belly fat along with maintaining your core.


How to do it

Lie down the mat and relax your body. Then, flex your knees and take your feet off the floor. Place the thumb behind your ears. Take the help of the rest of the fingers to hold your head and lift it up. This will be your first position.

Now, push your one leg down, extending it straight and at the same time, curl your body and twist it on the opposite side. Curl back down and do the same with your other leg. Just like regular crunches, you need to repeat this exercise in two sets of 12 reps.

7. Lying Leg Raises

The lower muscles are benefitted when you do leg raises. This exercise is quite well known for toned muscles and strengthening your core whilst losing weight.


How to do it

Lie down on your yoga mat and place your hands on the sides. Keep your palm flat on the floor and then lift your feet a little. Look up and engage your core in this. This will be your start position.

Now, raise both your legs straight in the air and then slowly bring them down. Before you touch the floor, bring them back up again. Follow this exercise and shed off the calories.

8. Sit-Ups

Sit-ups are helpful for your stomach as this workout tones the muscles. This exercise is quite helpful for better balance and stability. It improves your posture and reduces the chances of back pain and any other injury as well.


How to do it

Lie down on your yoga mat and then relax your whole body. Now, flex your knees and keep your heel on the mat. Engage your core and then keep your hands on your thighs.

Lift both your head and your shoulders from the ground and look at your knees. Lift your body and try to achieve the sitting position. Go back down the original position slowly.

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9. Jackknife Crunch

When you start feeling that doing crunches is too basic, you can switch it up a bit and try out jackknife crunch. This move helps your rectus abdominis. It challenges your core muscles and it's one of the best forms to lose belly fat as it's an intense workout.

If you wish to rev it up, you can also do this with a power wheel or with a ball.

Jackknife Crunch

How to do it

Lie down on your yoga mat and relax your entire body. Now, extend your hands straight from your head. This will be your first position. Now, keep your back and neck perpendicular and lift your upper body.

At the same time, lift your feet as well from the mat. While you do so, try touching your knees with the help of your hands. Relax and get back to the starting position.

Do at least three sets of 12 reps of Jackknife Crunches to see the benefits of this workout.

10. Leg In And Out

When leg exercises are coupled with abs exercises, it strengthens your lower body as well as your core. It burns an excessive amount of calories and further helps in getting rid of belly fat.


How to do it

Sit on the mat and then place your hands behind your upper body. Keep your palms flat on the mat and closer to your body. Now, lift your legs from the ground, leaning back a little. This will be your first position.

Now, raise both your legs and keep them closer. Bring your body towards your knees at the same as you raise your legs. Repeat the same for 30 seconds. Follow this workout in two sets of 20 reps.


Do these exercises every day and you will notice a huge difference in your body. We understand how difficult it is to lose weight but a few steps towards a healthier lifestyle with exercising can prove quite beneficial. Get ready to burn unwanted calories right away and steer clear of that stubborn fat, stat!

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