6 Perks Of Having A Premium Elliptical

Despite what some people suggest, exercise should be fun and engaging. If you dread each upcoming training session, don’t expect to last long.

People who enjoy their workouts tend to be more consistent, push themselves harder, and get more out of the whole experience.

The problem is, even if you open up your pockets and spend some money on equipment, you won’t find the motivation to use it regularly if you don’t enjoy the experience. Despite the many well-documented benefits of regular exercise, finding the right piece of equipment can be a considerable challenge.

To that end, we’ve put together this post. Below, we’ll go over six solid reasons why you should pull the trigger and get an elliptical worth around $1000.

1. You Have a Lifetime Warranty

You spend a few hundred dollars and get yourself a decent product. It’s new, you’re happy with it, and it works well. But a couple of years roll by, the warranty expires, and you’re on your own.

One day, you decide to use your product only to find that it no longer works. Customer support doesn’t offer a solution, and you can’t ask for anything. Your two options at this point are to look for repair services or replace the product with a new one.

Repairing the product is often costly, complicated, and takes a lot of time. In some cases, the repairs and new parts end up costing you more than half of what you initially paid.

The other option is also not ideal because you end up spending way too much money in the long run and back your garage up with useless junk.

The great thing about premium ellipticals is that you get a lifetime warranty. No matter how long it lasts or what happens, you never have to worry about potential problems or how you would go about fixing them. It truly is the iron you’ll never outgrow.

2. You Get Incline!

The majority of elliptical trainers out there offer little to no customizability. Still, if you train consistently and push yourself, you will see huge improvements over time.

But what makes premium products so great is that you get a lot of options. One of the greatest perks is the incline. Instead of having to train from the same angle each time, having an incline allows you to vary the type of intensity and stress you impose on your muscles.

For example, the incline puts your glutes in a more advantageous position, which allows you to train your butt more effectively. In contrast, the lower the angle is, the more you emphasize your quads.

With that single setting, you can emphasize different parts of your lower body and achieve complete muscular development.

3. A Heavy Flywheel Offers a Smoother Stride

Let’s face it:

We’ve all used cardio equipment that just doesn’t feel right. The ride feels bumpy, the motions are anything but smooth, vibrations come and go, and the whole experience is less than pleasant.

A premium elliptical is fantastic because it comes with a solid flywheel, which allows for smooth strides. While that might not seem as important, this alone can lead to significantly more pleasant workouts, contribute to overall satisfaction, and make you more likely to exercise often.

After all, if you enjoy using your equipment, you will look forward to upcoming workouts.

Plus, a smoother stride allows you to train with high speeds more safely, which means you can do effective high-intensity interval training.

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4. You Get Better Programs to Pick From

Most basic to mid-level ellipticals offer little to no customizability. You have some resistance settings if you’re lucky, and that’s it.

And sure, that is enough for you to achieve good results, so long as you stay consistent. But let’s be honest:

We all enjoy the ability to choose and diversify our training. Sometimes, we may be in the mood for a slow and steady workout. Other times, we might want to attack a workout with everything we’ve got. The great thing about premium ellipticals is that you get a variety of programs to pick from. You get intense and leisurely programs, challenges, trials, and much more.

Even if you try a new feature every week, it will take you a long time before you go through them all. Couple that with the ability to change your incline settings, and you get an immersive workout experience that offers tons of enjoyability.

5. Customer Support And Client Satisfaction Are Much Better

Many companies claim that customer satisfaction is of utmost importance, yet we have to wait for half an hour on hold until a representative talks to us. If we send an email, we get a half-hearted response in a week or two.

This can be an incredibly frustrating experience, especially if you’re experiencing some issues with your equipment, and the company you got it from doesn’t seem to care.

Premium ellipticals tend to have much better customer support. Calls are typically answered instantly or within minutes. You also get quicker and more informative responses through email.

This helps improve the overall client experience, saves you lots of frustrations, and allows you to resolve any issues that may occur quickly.

6. The Build Quality Is Amazing

We’ve all been there:

Climbing on an elliptical trainer that feels like it was made by fourth-grade kids in an elementary school activity. It feels shaky, unstable, and completely ruins the entire training experience.

In contrast, you can recognize a premium elliptical the moment you touch it. The building materials feel premium, the machine is built to withstand a lot of work, and you never feel like it could crumble beneath your feet.

As a result, the entire training experience is a lot more pleasurable. You run into much fewer issues throughout the product’s ownership, and you never have to worry about strange noises or vibrations.


As you can see, it sometimes pays to go premium. Sure, a quality elliptical costs a bit more money. But the incredible benefits are many, and that makes it worth getting.

Because of the many benefits – and the fact that a premium elliptical tends to be the cheaper option in the long run – we always recommend getting an elliptical worth around $1000 if you have the budget.

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