Hello there! We, ellipticalninja.com, are extremely happy and overwhelmed to have you in the ‘About’ page. Thank you very much for showing your interest to know a bit more about this resource blog on fitness. My name is Philip laws, a Fitness Trainer & Web Entrepreneur. I and my team run this site.

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Who we are on the web?

We are a team that serves Exercise and fitness related information to thousands of info-hungry people who are interested to live a healthy life. This blog is one of our humble tries to serve people. We share our expertise so that the readers may know what are good for them and what are not.

What is the motive of EllipticalNinja.com?

The main motive of ellipticalninja.com is helping millions of people in the world to get all essential information, reviews and resource about living a healthy life. Every single blog post we publish is backed and packed up with useful authentic information that can add value to the readers.

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