The Benefits Of An Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Many of us think of home trainers as stationary bikes or treadmills. That is because they are some of the more popular options that have been around for some time now. Recently, however, under desk elliptical trainers are getting increasingly popular.

They consist of high-quality pedal exercisers that allow you to work out while you work or watch TV. They are smaller than other home trainers and offer similar benefits. Let us take a look at why they are getting so popular.

Benefits Of Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

Under desk elliptical trainers are substantially cheaper than other full-sized home trainers. Except for one or two exceptions, they are within the budget of most people. This is because you get the pedal mechanism only and not the full-sized frame.

Allows you to work while you exercise

The USP of these machines is that you can work while you work! This is especially useful if you have a sedentary desk job. The light pedaling action gives you moderate exercise while you work on your laptop or desk. The only movement involved is in your legs. You can always increase the resistance for more rigorous work out when free at work.

Small and compact

Their size and portability allow you to take them with you anywhere you go. Take it to your workplace for working out there and bring them back home to work out while watching TV.

Great for general fitness, muscle toning, and weight loss

Just like other home trainers, these mini ellipticals will help improve your fitness. Research has proven that 20 to 30 minutes of moderate exercise 4 days a week improves overall health. When combined with a proper diet you can burn calories at home or in the office with very little effort. You can also strengthen your muscles and increase bone density.

Improves cardiovascular health

When you work out, your lungs take in the fresh air and the heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to every cell in your body. This improves cell function and cardiovascular health. Besides shedding weight, you’ll have a stronger heart and increased levels of energy throughout the day.

Provides impact-free exercise

Working out on your under desk elliptical trainer will not put stress on your joints like most conventional exercises. This quality makes this machine eminently suitable for the elderly and those with dodgy joints.

Strong, durable, and safe

An under desk elliptical trainer may be small and compact, but they are designed to handle a lot of beating. They also are stable and don’t move while you work out on them. These machines last a long time without developing any issues.

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Easy to assemble

Unlike their larger cousins, under desk elliptical trainers are extremely easy to assemble. In many cases, you should be able to start training on them within 5 minutes. All you have to do is attach the pedals to the mainframe. Their bigger cousins on the other hand, sometimes take hours to set up.

Variable resistance levels

The under desk elliptical trainer has different resistant settings. Once you get stronger and fitter, you can increase the resistance levels to suit your fitness goals. At high settings, you will get quite an intense work out with these machines. You can push yourself harder to burn more calories and become stronger. 

To wind up

These machines have taken office fitness to a different stage. They are one of the best options to beat a sedentary desk job. When coupled with a wearable device or a fitness app on your smartphone, you can track your progress and set more challenging fitness goals.

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