Benefits Of Whole Body Vibration Machine

The global concern about obesity has been one of the top discussions among the healthcare industry for quite some time now. With numerous powerful countries recording an alarming percentage of the population deemed as obese and unhealthy, it is time to reconsider our life choices.

This is where innovative home equipment like Body Vibration Machines can come into play. Wondering why this equipment is regarded as a genius invention?

The hectic and erratic lifestyle makes it impossible for most of the population to take care of their health properly. Additionally, 2020 showed the world what a dystopian future looked like when the world as a whole had to go into a massive lockdown.

With all the gyms, pools, playgrounds, and everything else between lying closed, training to maintain the body’s fitness was a more difficult task than ever before. This is the reason why alternative means of maintaining a healthy body have become so popular.

Body Vibration Machine

This is a simple device consisting of a vibrating plate that is electrically motorized. The vibrating plate helps muscular relation and contraction at a rapid rate that promotes cellular activities and calorie burnout.

Also known as Whole Body Vibration Therapy, the basic concept behind this machine has been in use since ancient Greek civilization. Body vibration therapy has been known to help treat muscle sores and bone pains in athletes and sportsperson.

Benefits of using a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Benefits of using a Whole Body Vibration Machine

Though this machine’s usability quotient is still being researched, this innovative idea has shown a wide range of benefits for most of its users. The list of positive aspects of using this machine includes.

Increases the core body strength

The vibratory motion creates a rapid energy transmission within the body that increases the cellular movements. This, in turn, promotes muscular restructuring by repairing the damaged sections and adding new stronger muscle fibers all around.

The overall core body strength improves from the inside as the muscle density gradually changes to the vibratory machine’s prolonged usage.

Improves muscular flexibility

The vibration plate produces around 30 to 40 vibratory movements per second on the musculature, which is way higher than the standard exercise routine. The amplified effectiveness of muscular activity promotes the faster development of muscle fibers. This entire process helps in improving the overall flexibility of the body tissues.

Rapid abdominal fat reduction

Vibration therapy is all about promoting muscular movements in a very rapid manner all over the body. However, one of the primary areas of concern for many is their abdominal fat or tummy bulge. Vibratory movements promote speedier fat breakdown, which causes a rapid reduction of belly fat.

Weight loss

Vibratory movements cause excessive calorie burn, which in turn improves the rate of metabolism of the body. Rapid metabolism is a very healthy promotion of weight loss without inducing any harmful side effects on the body.

It is believed that combining vibration therapy with anaerobic workout routines and core strengthening techniques show faster and more noticeable results.

Improves body sore and back pains

The improved health condition of the bones and muscles promotes the healing of the body’s distorted areas. The rapid cellular changes heal fatigued tissues and inflamed muscles, improving the sores and aches of the body to a great extent.

Improved bone density

Whole Body Vibration machines promote the mineral build up in the body and thus accelerate the process of improving bone density. Studies have shown that vibration therapy has been very useful in the treatment of bone ailments like Osteoporosis. It is also helpful in the prevention of bone ailments related to aging and genetic conditions.

Improves the Immune system

Rapid muscular contractions and relaxation is bound to produce a lot of additional changes in the body. With cellular rearrangements and regenerations, there is also an increased rate of metabolic waste disposal. This is why the lymphatic drainage system begins to work at a rapid pace to flush out toxic waste.

This results in increased production of white blood cells, which are responsible for the improved immune system.

Improved ait and co-ordination

In addition to strengthening the core, Vibration therapy plays a vital role in improving the Hip Flexor region’s condition. This central area is responsible for maintaining a proper gait and co-ordinated structural movement. Balance and posture are greatly enhanced in people who use vibration therapy regularly.

Improves the overall Blood Pressure

Vibration Therapy helps in the relaxation of the muscles and the joints, which reduces the stress level of the body by decreasing the cortisol production level of the adrenal glands. The overall implication of reduced stress is that there is a gradual optimization of the blood circulation, causing an improved Blood Pressure condition in the body.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Machine has been in the news for quite some time now due to its immense number of benefits. Vibration therapy may be an ancient art form, but it had been out of focus for a long time.

It is currently being implemented in many healthcare and rehabilitation projects to improve the overall physical well-being.

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