The 5 Best Elliptical for Home Use- (Buying Guide 2019)

If you want to carry out cardio exercise at home, an elliptical machine will really come handy. You don’t need to run outside surely. Rather bringing the best elliptical for home will be the permanent workout solution for you.

Now the main problem is to find the best elliptical for home use. Buying ellipticals at random may not be a wise decision, it is always good to go for the safer bait. So finding the best home elliptical 2019 is a viable solution.

It’s true that you cannot test and assess every top elliptical by yourself. Here the elliptical reviews for home use can be of great help. But before you start the market search to find the home elliptical trainer for you, you must know the features that tag the home elliptical machines as top rated ones.

Smart marketers prescribe that comparison shopping is the best way to learn the best. We have reviewed some of the top rated home ellipticals popular in the market and studied their features.

Once you start market strolling to buy the best home fitness machine, check for these features we have come across by reviewing the best elliptical for home 2018 models. The feature list will surely simplify your shopping binge.



Resistance levels

User weight limit

Best Price



16 levels

300 lbs.

NordicTrack FS7i iFit

20 lbs.

24 levels

300 lbs.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer

Tension adjusting knob

250 lbs

Horizon EX-59 Elliptical

14.3 lbs.

10 levels

250 lbs

Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine

Front Mounted


250 lbs

Reviews: Best Elliptical Machine for Home

We have strolled market and have checked the best elliptical for home use. We have sorted out the five best home elliptical 2019 models. These are:

Best Overall

Bowflex Max Trainer M6

What We Like

  • 16-level resistance is great.
  • The fitness app integration helps.
  • Tracking workout is easy.
  • Quiet and ergonomically designed. 

What We Don't Like

  • Insufficient warranty period.
  • Difficult assembly.

Want to exercise for the whole body without straining your joints? Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is a smart solution for your requirement. It is built with unique design, and it is one of the best elliptical for home use proven for low impact working out at ease.

We have found that users are considering this best home fitness machine as reliable for muscle toning, developing cardio endurance, and burning calorie for balanced weight loss. Regardless you want to have athletic training, or you want to enjoy body conditioning, Bowflex Max Trainer M6 is a good option.

You can customize your workout with this elliptical machine for home. One of the best elliptical 2018 models can be integrated with Bowflex Max Intelligence App.

As a result, the app can assess the fitness level, monitor workout and suggest for boosting fitness competence to get a faster result.

The features we loved the most:

  • Total body workout: The design permits us to have a complete workout for the upper body.
  • It’s a low impact elliptical for home gym.
  • Its Compact in size: it is the best home elliptical for beginners.
  • Bowflex Max Intelligence app is enabled with the machine that uses AI to analyze, forecast and offers suggestions for your workout. It’s like having a home elliptical trainer to help you getting the best result.
  • If you feel self-help is the best help, help yourself with 29 on demand instructor led videos.
  • 16-level of resistance which can accommodate and reciprocate all levels of fitness.
  • The display will show you the total amount of calorie burned.
  • Heart rate monitor is a helpful feature for tracking your workout.
  • The elliptical 300 lbs. capacity can accommodate slim to medium heavy users.
Best Value

Nordic Track FreeStride Trainer FS7i

What We Like

  • Bluetooth integration.
  • Compact design and portability.
  • High weight capacity
  • Warranty coverage.

What We Don't Like

  • Resistance
  • Price is higher in its category.

If you are ready for trying an overall efficient workout and zero impact benefit out of your home gym, try NordicTrack FreeStride Trainer FS7i. The gym quality elliptical is built with a unique floating design where users can stride up to 38 inches.

Variety is the soul of this home elliptical with high weight capacity. You can practice short up-and-down steps, smooth elliptical-like strides, or stretch a wide running gait! Workout with iFit technology, and enjoy the great result.

Do you want to focus on target muscle?

Want to change the inline?

You can select your preferred workout from the iFit library. You can plan your jogging with the help of Google Map integration, street view! You will like the good elliptical machine for sure!

The features we have liked the most:

  • 38-inch modifiable stride united with power incline that permits the machine to support many workout styles.
  • You will get a floating work experience in terms of smoothness. 
  • You can get three in one benefits like a stepper, a treadmill, and an elliptical machine's benefit can be enjoyed
  • 7” color touch-screen offering a good-looking workout display with a built-in web browser.
  • iFit Coach enabled to access hundreds of pre-designed workouts, virtual exercise with on-screen personal trainers, 
  • Get unlimited Google Maps workout routes with displayed scenery.
  • You will get to track your workout: credit goes to Wireless heart rate monitor and Bluetooth chest strap.
  • Pedals move via belts instead of gliding beside rails, and it offers you ultra-smooth motion of gliding.
  • Center drive design supports your balance while keeping the machine size smaller in size perfect for your home gym.
  • The FreeStride Trainer FS7i provides best maneuverity by offering provision of a 0 to 10 degree incline range, permitting you to target your training on manifold muscle groups.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike

What We Like

  • Efficiently functional.
  • Compact and sturdy design.
  • Easygoing.
  • Reasonable price. 

What We Don't Like

  • Some users have found it noisy.
  • Stride is smaller than expected.

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer and Exercise Bike is a two in one fitness equipment and rightly called the dual trainer. You can use the machine like an elliptical as well as an exercise bike for your home gym.

Want to enjoy low impact cardio exercise and the facility of toning muscles?

No matter if you have body joint problems or stiffness, the Body Rider BR2000 Elliptical is an ideal choice for your calorie burning.

This home elliptical machine can tone your upper and lower body. The unit has an adjustable seat, which you can accommodate horizontally and vertically so that user of different heights can be adjusted. Just try this machine: 3-4 times in a week for 20 minutes workout will help you to get your result. 

The features we liked the most

  • 2-in-1 workout elliptical for home fitness machine that can be used as elliptical trainer and exercise bike High-momentum fan blades can keep you cool and comfortable.
  • Tension can be adjusted easily with the operation of a knob; it offers a slight impact on joints.
  • Electronic console can track your time, speed, distance and calories burned.
  • You can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally: adjusting different body heights and types will not be a problem.
  • It has an optimum capacity of 250 lbs.

Horizon EX-59 Elliptical

What We Like

  • Versatile quality.
  • Compact design for home gym. 
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Impressive warranty.

What We Don't Like

  • Not a beginner’s cup of tea.
  • Adjustable options are not available.

Horizon EX-59 is one of the best elliptical brands known for its noiseless operation. Already known in the market as one of the best home elliptical 2019 models, it is a low impact machine and quite user-friendly.

The Horizon baby is fitted with basic entertainment features like MP3 compatibility and 10 different workout programs. The yellow-greenish console is fitted with LCD display screen and contact grips: monitoring your heart rate is not a great concern.

With 10-resistance level, 14.3 lb flywheel, this is one of the best ellipticals for small spaces that you can enjoy while exercising. It is fitted with tablet rack, built-in speakers, and water bottle holder so that you can stay comfortable with needed accessories at your easy reach. 

The features we liked the most

  • SixStar™ Certified working frame for extra durability and complete reliability.
  • The best home elliptical trainer from Horizon can accommodate weight range up to 250lbs.
  • You will get to enjoy a limited, shorter stride length of 18 inches.
  • The in-built quiet, self-propelled motor is ideal for residential use and great for workout machines for home.
  • Nice workout program variety with 10 built-in options.
  • It is one of the best home fitness machines that come with 10 resistance level: ideal for beginners as well as for veterans. 
  • The best elliptical for home gym machine is built with a large console with audio capabilities.
  • It is one of the good cheap ellipticals that comes with smooth stride with ECB magnetic brake system.
  • The machine is coved by lucrative warranty coverage for lifetime on the frame, 20-year coverage on the in-built motor.

Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer 2 in 1 Exercise Bike

What We Like

  • Compact design
  • Solid infrastructure
  • 2 in one design.
  • Budget price

What We Don't Like

  • Tilted food pads are an inconvenience.
  • Safety features are not at par.

Do you want to enhance the impact of your home exercise regiment?

Do you want to upgrade your home gym with a versatile elliptical?

If yes, The Plasma Fit 2-in-1 cardio machine and elliptical bike will be the right solution for you.

This versatile and best rated elliptical cum bike will offer several additional benefits for getting optimum results. Enjoy a low-impact exercise that offers all the calorie shedding and muscle-toning benefits you wish to get, plus minimum strain on your joints.

It is one of the best elliptical for home 2019 models with hybrid design. It will fit in your bedroom; it's great for a small apartment living room or balcony and will look smart. Want to tone various muscles like arms, legs, abdominals, and buttocks? Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Cross Trainer is one of the best solutions.

The Features we love the most

  • Effective, Full-Body Fitness provider, which will help you in burning calories, gaining muscle tone, and recover overall health with this user-friendly home elliptical trainer.
  • Built with 2-in-1 space-saving design, that can accommodate space with this solid yet highly efficient and smart exercise machine. This elliptical provides a full range workout featuring an 11" foot stride and a 21" arm extension.
  • Built with robust construction: tubular steel made with a wide base offer endurance, steadiness, and long-lasting durability. 
  • Configured with adjustable resistance and unique comfort levels this home elliptical trainer allows for setting resistance level, which makes it best for both beginners and pro users.
  • LCD monitoring technology will offer you great display: you can monitor fitness, and track your fitness level.

​Advantages and Disadvantages of Elliptical ​Workout at ​Home

Elliptical machines comprise a group of instruments for physical training that cause elliptical motion when used. There are several kinds of these machines, whose purpose and size vary. Not only do they help you remain fit but also in weight reduction.


Elliptical machines offer several advantages, such as:

Total body workout:

One of the best benefits of exercising on the elliptical machine is its total workout effect. Unlike a treadmill, this exercise gear works for the upper body also. For upper body muscle toning, it works great.

​​Protects ​The Joints

Ellipticals are low impact machines that protect the legs and joints from injury. This makes it suitable for anyone suffering from joint problems and aches.

Cardiovascular benefits:

Elliptical trainers are exceptionally helpful for our cardiovascular system. Exercising with an elliptical boosts your heart rate, and it strengthens the heart health. It upsurges the aerobic capacity of the body.

Non-impact equipment:

While using an elliptical machine, you will feel that your heels are always connected with the machine pedals; rather you will feel that your feet are more stabilized by the pedals. This stability of pedal will not put any extra strain on your knees, and other joints and you get the benefits of running and cycling on elliptical.

Strength and endurance:

Elliptical home cross trainer models help in creating strength and muscle endurance. It is a weight-bearing bodybuilding, which can target weak quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves without putting a harmful strain on the knees.

Weight loss program:

If you want to control obesity by losing weight, then an elliptical trainer can speed up your journey. Elliptical trainer works as a good option for shedding calories. It is observed that one can burn more than 400 calories in around 30 minutes by using an home elliptical machine.

When compared to a stationary cycle, an elliptical machine offers a weight-bearing exercise. These exercises are important as they prevent you from suffering from osteoporosis.

​​The ​Elliptical ​Bike ​Benefits on ​The ​Heart

The elliptical machine works the heart if you exercise it consistently. By using this machine regularly, you also improve your cardiovascular capacity. A strong heart can pump more blood into the body and provide more oxygen to the organs and muscles, thus reducing blood pressure.

When strengthened by exercise, the heart beats slower, thereby improving cardio respiratory fitness. One fallout of this is that you don't pant as quickly as you would without exercise. Lastly, it protects you from developing strokes and cardiovascular diseases.


The disadvantages of elliptical machines are:

​​Not Ideal for Muscle-Building

If you are interested in muscle-building, an elliptical machine isn’t the right choice for you.

​Low Intensity

This is a low-intensity machine, so it is perfect only for beginners to exercise, not athletes.


Though freely available, this machine is very expensive. So, think well before you buy one.

Check These Features Before Buying an Elliptical For Home Gym:

you will get to assess what is the best elliptical machine for you.

  • Check for the varieties: the best elliptical machines will offer you wide varieties of workout programs.
  • Look for the availability of good quality display console. Unless you can track your workout data, using an elliptical may not be very profitable.
  • If you are a newbie, you better go for beginner elliptical workout models: these will be user-friendly and easy to understand its mechanism. 
  • Look at the size of the home elliptical machines you can accommodate in your home.
  • Assess the configuration of the elliptical machine you have selected and consult its viability with your home elliptical trainer
  • Evaluate the compatibility of the gym quality elliptical with your workout mission and way of work out: don’t compromise on quality but don’t go overboard too.
  • Check for the safety features as well as comfort details: your workout should not be an agony for your body.
  • Always look for the optimum capacity of the elliptical for home gym: if you need an elliptical 350 lbs. weight capacity, don't overspend for buying an unnecessary elliptical 400 lbs. capacity model
  • Check your budget and check the reviews of best elliptical for home within your budget.
  • Take a look at warranty feature and users' report on customer care, etc. as after sales back up.

​Elliptical as a Cardio Equipment for Your Home

One of the most popularly used pieces of fitness equipment used in gyms, the Elliptical Trainer is also called the cross-trainer or x-trainer. This stationary exercise machine imitates the action of walking, running, or stair climbing.

As a piece of cardio equipment for the home, the elliptical trainer can help you lose a maximum of 800 calories per hour of working out on this machine.

The elliptical trainer is considered good cardio equipment because it is designed to have moving handlebars that are linked to your pedal movement and resistance.

By the action of pushing and pulling using these handlebars, the major muscle groups of the chest and arms are activated, giving you a full body cardio workout. The more muscles it works, the more calories you burn.

The elliptical trainer is good cardio equipment because it strengthens the heart and improves aerobic body activity. This gives you a strong heart and lungs. Apart from this, since your heels are linked with the equipment’s pedals, the feet are made stable by the pedals.

This doesn’t lay any extra strain on your joints like the knees, unlike when you go running or cycling. For this reason, ellipticals are safe for seniors or those with joint pain or varicose veins.

With elliptical cross trainers, you can also build muscle endurance and strength. This is weight-bearing equipment which works the hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, and glutes without laying any strain on your knees.

​FAQ​ (​Frequently ​Asked ​Questions​)

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Elliptical machines can help you in doing an excellent workout without any stress at home. Some of the advanced models are available with 2-in-one features that will help you in toning target muscles including the upper and lower body.

There is no formula for buying the best elliptical for home use. You need to check your skill level. Age, body weight, and endurance level for finding the best home fitness machine within your budget.

The 5 home ellipticals we have reviewed here are the best affordable elliptical machines available in the market. You can easily select any of them as the best home elliptical for your customized workout. 

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