Best Elliptical For Seniors Our Top 5 Picks

The wrong side of 60 is when most people have plenty of free time. It is the time when you can pursue activities for which you did not have time earlier. Unfortunately, that is also when various lifestyle-related diseases start taking a toll.

All it takes is a little exercise to stave off these diseases. But owing to dodgy joints, not all seniors can work out regularly. That is why elliptical machines are recommended. They provide a safe, low-impact, full-body workout without stressing the joints and the back.

But, choosing the best elliptical for seniors is a tough proposition. It is for this reason that we have brought out a comprehensive guide and review. It will help you understand ellipticals, introduce you to a selection of curated elliptical reviews, and help you make an informed purchase.

Not all can go to a gym or a swimming pool every day. The best solution for seniors is to exercise at home. And, the best exercise machine for seniors is the elliptical. They are easy on the joints, safe, and allow you to work out in the privacy of your home. Here are some more benefits-

Improves cardiovascular health

Regular elliptical workouts will get the heart pumping and the blood coursing throughout your body. This will make the heart stronger and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Makes you stronger

An elliptical machine gives you a full-body workout and tones muscles all over. As you get stronger, you can easily increase the difficulty level. Along with the muscles the bones also become stronger and denser. Strong muscles and bones lead to better mobility, balance, and make one less prone to falls.

Reinvigorates tissues

The improved blood flow while working out drives blood to all parts of our body. This nourishes tissues and helps in better cell regeneration. This has a positive impact on overall health.

Improved mood

Exercise triggers the production of our body's feel-good chemicals. This elevates mood. A session with your ellipticals will drive the blues away.

5 Reviews Of best Elliptical Machine For Seniors 2023

Best Elliptical for Seniors With Arthritic Knees
SOLE E95 Elliptical with Built in Speakers

Sole E95 is yet another quality offering from the popular Sole stable. Sole is known for its innovativeness and quest for excellence. The E95 does not disappoint. It has the same user-friendly Sole electronic console with a large display and all the features of a health club model.

Key Features

With a max capacity of 400lbs, this robust elliptical has a heavy-duty steel frame. It features multiple levels of incline for easily customizable intensities. Its quiet drive will ensure that you won’t disturb your neighbor or roommate.

The E95 is also packed with convenience features like a drink holder, device tray, and cushioned pedals. It allows you to charge your devices through the USB charging port and has superior Bluetooth connectivity. It has a 27-pound flywheel and an adjustable stride length of 20-22 inches. 

For seniors with arthritic knees, we consider the Sole E95 to be the most suitable. This is because its premium front-drive system is extremely gentle on the knees. Though pricey, the E95 is a good buy and with a little maintenance, will last a long time.

Best Under Desk Elliptical for Seniors
Stamina Inmotion Elliptical

If you are a person who likes to watch TV or play games while working out, the Stamina Inmotion Elliptical is your perfect exercise machine. In fact, this model is a favorite with gamers and is also considered by many as the best seated elliptical for seniors.

Key Features

The best part of Stamina Inmotion is that it is unintrusive. It can easily fit under a desk and operate quietly. This makes it perfect for the office. You can vary the intensity levels easily by turning the adjustable dial even while striding and the multi-function monitor shows stats to help track your progress.

The E1000 Compact Strider helps tone your lower body and improves cardiovascular health. The textured pedals give you a good grip. Moreover, it fully supports müüv, the smart audio coaching app which makes your workout sessions fun. Additionally, this ultra-portable mini strider is compact and lightweight- great for small spaces.

The E1000 is the best under desk elliptical for seniors who looking to tone their lower muscles. This compact under desk elliptical is durable and inexpensive. Many buy it just for exercising while watching TV or reading a book.

Best Budget elliptical for senior
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness has been producing affordable and top-notch home gym equipment for over 10 years. The E902 is a typical Sunny offering. It is light, foldable, and like all Sunny Health products, easy to set up.

Key Features

With an extended 30-inch stride length and non-slip pedals, the E902 gives you a secure full-body workout. This Air Walk trainer’s frame is made of steel and it has a 220 lb carry weight. Its lightweight, foldable design makes it perfect for smaller dwellings. When not in use, simply fold it and store it!

The informative LCD monitor featured in the E902 displays stats to monitor your progress. The adjustable abdominal pad helps stabilize your body and keeps you comfortable while working out.

It is no surprise that many consider SF-E902 Air Walk Trainer Elliptical is our pick for the best budget elliptical for seniors. Its simple and robust design will ensure that it serves you a long time.

Best Elliptical For Seniors
Schwinn Fitness 430 Elliptical

Schwinn Fitness is known for its excellence and value. This entry-level Schwinn trainer comes with a low price tag and punches above its weight due to its premium features. This versatile cardio trainer gives you a smooth and comfortable workout. 

Key Features

With 22 preset workout programs and 20 levels of resistance, the Schwinn 430 has something for all. Moreover, the option for creating multiple profiles makes it a perfect addition to a family gym. Its high speed, the high inertia drive system is smooth and quiet.

The 430 features a sleek and slim console that shows you the stats to track your progress. Its cushioned footplates help deliver a comfortable, low-impact workout experience. Additionally, moving & fixed handlebars provide extra flexibility for hand placement.

With Bluetooth capabilities, the 430 has plenty to offer at the price it comes. For its versatility, value for money, and design, it is our unanimous choice for the best elliptical machine for seniors.

Best Elliptical For Seniors
Doufit Elliptical Machine for Home Use

The Doufit EM-01 Elliptical Machine is a durable multifunctional trainer that is ideal for a family. This simple, no-frills trainer is easy to set up and will last you years with a little maintenance.

Key Features

The upgraded EM-01 features a high-quality flywheel that delivers superior and consistent performance. The new version is steadier and has a weight capacity of 250 lbs. The EM-01 has wheels for extra portability.

With 8 levels of easily adjustable magnetic resistance, the Doufit has something for everybody. The multifunctional LCD monitor helps you track your workout sessions. The EM-01 features textured and large pedals for increased grip and can accommodate different foot sizes.

This rugged elliptical machine is an excellent choice for a medium-sized to a large family. It can take a beating and will serve you consistently for many years with little maintenance.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Elliptical For Seniors

With so many brands vying for your attention, is important to make an informed decision while buying an elliptical for seniors. One must understand that not ellipticals are suitable for seniors. To help you make the best choice our reviewer panel has put together a buying guide-


Ellipticals with 300 pounds or more capacity are extremely durable. Even if you weigh much lesser it is wise to choose high-capacity ones. They last much longer.

Easy accessibility and stability

For seniors, it is crucial that the elliptical machine is easy to mount and safe to ride on. All the products reviewed above are easy to use and provide rock-solid stability.


All ellipticals do not give a full-body workout. Some, like the under desk ellipticals workout only the lower body. Ellipticals suitable for full-body workouts burn more energy. Determine beforehand what you want according to your exercise goals.

The cost

The cost is usually an indicator of quality and durability. The more expensive ellipticals have solid components and their frame is made of heavy-gauge steel. It is recommended that you buy the best elliptical that you can afford.

Resistance levels

Check for multiple resistance levels that can be easily changed even while working out. An elliptical with a wide range of resistance levels will have something for everybody. And as you get stronger, you can easily jack up the intensity levels.

Backlit console

Ensure that the console is easy to read and displays all the stats to measure your progress.

Personalized workout programs

These programs automatically regulate the machine's speed and resistance to help you focus on the routine. Some of the latest models even allow for video workouts.

Entertainment and miscellaneous features

iPod or other music device compatibility has become the norm these days. Also, convenience features like a fan, cup holder, tablet/smartphone holder, etc. are a plus.

FAQ’S - Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better? Front Drive or Rear Drive?

This is a very common question. Most models used in gyms and clubs have the drive axle at the back. This delivers a wider range of motion with a smooth pedal feel. Rear-drive models tend to be more expensive and are durable. Front-drive models have the drive axle in the front and are generally less expensive.

Is stride length important?

An elliptical may have fixed or variable stride lengths. A short stride will have a choppy feel to it while working out while a longer stride length will feel like gliding. As a thumb rule, it is best to go for a stride length of 18” or over. In the case of front-drive machines, a 20” stride and above is recommended.

Which type of resistance is best?

The ECB system (eddy current system) is the most advanced resistance system. It uses magnetic braking to provide resistance. The resistance can be increased or decreased by moving the magnet closer or a little away from the flywheel. One more advantage of this system is that it operates very quietly.

Is a heavier flywheel important?

The weight of the flywheel affects the smoothness of the pedaling motion. The heavier the flywheel is, the smoother the pedaling action will be. Moreover, a heavier flywheel will also increase the stability of the elliptical.

Final thoughts

We believe that the above article will go a long way to help you choose the best elliptical for seniors. While buying an elliptical it is always better to splurge money on the best you can afford. A good quality elliptical will last a long time and also will keep you motivated to work out regularly.

Once you start working out, keep at it for a while. It will take some time for the results to be noticeable, and once you see improvement, you’ll be enthused to continue using the elliptical. With a little maintenance, a good elliptical will last you a long time.

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