Best Elliptical For Small Spaces Of 2023 – Top 7 Compared

The holidays are a distant memory by now. We enjoyed time with family and friends, but there was a lot of sitting and eating. You enjoyed all the parties, but now you are starting to see the results.

Perhaps your favorite pair of jeans are too tight, or you can’t fit into your favorite dress. You delayed getting on the scale, but today you gathered up the courage and the bad news you dreaded is your current reality.

Now is not the time to wallow in misery and binge watch on your favorite program. Inside you have a warrior spirit. Now is the time to fight. One of the best weapons is getting an exercise machine, such as an elliptical.

Maybe you thought of getting something like an elliptical, but you live in a small house or apartment, and you don’t have room to add another piece of equipment. Below is a guide to help you purchase the best elliptical for small spaces.

Let’s consider the options, and together we can fight the excess weight that has invaded our bodies and proclaim victory in 2023.


Stride length

Resistance levels

User weight limit

Muscle Groups

Best Price



275 lbs




250 lbs

Legs and Arms



300 lbs

Legs and Arms



325 lbs




350 lbs

Legs and Arms



264 lbs

Legs and Arms



350 lbs



Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • The machine is lightweight at only 90.4 pounds.
  • You have the convenience of a quiet workout.
  • The elliptical is easy to assemble.
  • The user can take advantage of seven preset workout programs.

What We Don't Like

  • There is no entertainment console.

Are you looking for a great small space workout equipment? The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine is one of the best exercise equipment for small spaces.

Take for instance the great console that tracks essential features such as speed, time, distance, calories, and heart rate. You can strive for a new personal best as you see results improve.

Do you want to burn some calories? The Schwinn A40 Elliptical comes with eight levels of resistance so you can speed up the process of getting into your favorite summer clothes.

For those who like versatility, this space saver elliptical comes with seven preset workout programs, meaning you can have a different plan for each day of the week.

The Schwinn A40 is only one of the smallest elliptical machines at only 90.4 pounds, meaning you can quickly move the elliptical to various rooms in your house or apartment.

One reviewer pointed out how the Schwinn A40 was remarkably silent on a carpeted surface. The same reviewer also pointed out that the computer doesn’t have backlighting, meaning it will be hard to read the display during your early morning workout.

Another reviewer boasted how easy it was to put the Schwinn elliptical together. The instructions were complete and easy to follow.

Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • The ergonomic design of handles and pedals.
  • LCD screen.
  • Customizable resistance levels.
  • Free sized pedals.

What We Don't Like

  • Assembling can be tough.

Compact yet all in one workout equipment is what you desire? Then Marcy magnetic elliptical deserves your consideration.

With 8 different resistance levels, this trainer will allow you to experience the motions of walking, running, and climbing the stairs.

All you are required to do is adjust the knob depending on your need. This makes your elliptical great for muscle strengthening and complete body workout.

Marcy also includes a highly functional battery-driven LCD screen that allows you to keep track of distance covered, time-lapsed, and the number of calories burned.

Meanwhile, it keeps a tab on you by monitoring your progress via scanning through the screen.

Ergonomically designed vinyl-covered foam handles provide sufficient grip to tone your entire upper body.

As family tends to include members of different ages the pedals found on this trainer are oversized. This means from kids to elderly folk everyone can train safely without worrying about any injuries.

Another issue that we face sometimes is the lack of space, but with this elliptical trainer, you won’t have to worry about that as it has a minimal footprint.

The presence of transport wheels makes it easy to relocate your cardio machine wherever you like. Since the display is battery powered you don’t have to worry about power outlet while relocating.

Purchase is hassle-free and quality is ensured with 2-year manufacturer’s limited.

Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • The machine is very lightweight at only 143 pounds.
  • The user gets both an upper and lower body workout.
  • The elliptical comes with a tablet holder.
  • The display screen is very easy to read. 

What We Don't Like

  • There’s no entertainment console.
  • The machine only comes with two workout programs.

Are you hoping to get a best elliptical for small spaces? Do you want something that is light and will give you a great workout? The bowflex max trainer is the one to get.

What makes the bowflex max trainer so unique? For starters, there’s the compact size. The bowflex is a fraction of the size of other ellipticals, giving you a small footprint elliptical. The small size means any room in your house can become a workout area.

Are you concerned about burning calories? Let me put your fears to rest. This compact exercise equipment has eight different resistance levels and two workout programs. The resistance can be conveniently changed using the handlebars.

Even though there are only two workout programs, you can take advantage of a free 8-week subscription to something called “Daily Burn.” This subscription will then give you access to more than 600 workout videos.

Also, your upper body is engaged along with your lower body, meaning you can decrease the time for you to get your beach body ready for the summer.

The workout is very low impact. The low impact means your knees will experience 200% less stress on this small space workout equipment compared to running.

Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • The AutoBreeze Workout Fan adjusts to your intensity.
  • The machine is easy to assemble.
  • The elliptical gives you a quiet workout.
  • You can useiFit Coach workouts.

What We Don't Like

  • The machine weighs 218 pounds.
  • Some believe the entertainment system has problems.

Do you want one of the best ellipticals for apartments? If you don’t have much room, but you still need to get in a good workout, then you should seriously consider getting the NordicTrack Spacesaver SE9i.

Not only is the NordicTrack Spacesaver one of the smallest elliptical machines on the market, but you still get some fantastic features to aid in your cardiovascular workout.

For instance, this small elliptical trainer has interactive fitness, meaning you can integrate iFit Coach workouts into your exercise. This fantastic feature is useful for one year.

There’s also a 7-inch Smart HD touchscreen, allowing you to adjust your resistance between 24 different levels. There are also 30 preset workout apps, and an Auto Breeze Workout Fan to keep you cool as you sweat of your love handles.

Are you concerned about your heart rate? This space saver elliptical has a built-in heart rate sensor and includes a wireless iFit Bluetooth chest strap. You can also increase how much calories you burn as you adjust the incline from 0 to 10-degrees.

One reviewer mentioned how easy it was to put the small space elliptical together. Another loved how quiet the machine was during workouts. But another didn’t like the entertainment system. In His opinion the YouTube quality was subpar.

Best Overall

What We Like

  • Silent Magnet Resistance.
  • The machine only takes up half the space of a standard elliptical.
  • You can add entertainment by placing a tablet into the attached tablet holder.
  • The large buttons allowyou tochange the resistance easily.

What We Don't Like

  • The elliptical weighs 180 pounds.

Are you looking for a small elliptical, but don’t want to compromise getting a tremendous cardiovascular workout? The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer could be the answer.

The ProForm trainer is not only a great space saving elliptical, but you also get the benefit of a complete workout where various muscles are activated, meaning more burntcalories.

Typically, an elliptical only works the lower body, but this small elliptical for home combines a 10-inch vertical elliptical with an upper-body punching action, resulting in your calves, hamstrings, quads, glutes, biceps, and triceps are activated.

The critical workout feature is called HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. The HIIT technique involves giving your maximum effort for a set amount of time, followed by a short recovery period.

There are some other additional features worth mentioning such as the absence of noise generally associated with air resistance trainers. One reviewer raved about how quiet the machine was right after being assembled. The ProForm SMART trainer is also compact, making this a small foot print elliptical.

You also get a 1-year membership to iFit Coach, giving you access to an extensive collection of a wide range of workouts for both on and off the elliptical.

One reviewer felt the machine was easy to assemble. The same reviewer also pointed out that the ProForm Smart elliptical has speakers for music, but you will need to use an auxiliary cord.

Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • Pulse grip sensors.
  • LCD monitor as well as IPAD holder.
  • Easy assembling.
  • The display runs on battery.

What We Don't Like

  • Resistance knob sometimes causes issues.

MaxKare magnetic elliptical trainer machine mimics the natural movement patterns which you experience while walking or running. This helps provides a low impact workout by incorporating your entire body for better calorie loss without exposing you to any joint injuries.

This elliptical trainer has sizable magnetic resistance which makes it quite versatile and offers a smooth and quiet experience. It has everything that you need for a healthy and effective workout, which also includes easily adjustable resistance from levels 1 to 8.

It is recommended that you use level1-2 for unwinding after a hectic day, 3-5 for a moderate workout, and 6-8 to tone your body and relieve yourself from muscle stiffness and soreness.

With a stride length of 13.5 inches and a spacing of 5.9 inches, this trainer certainly meets the demands of different proportioned people. Pulse grip sensors help track your heart rate, with which you can determine whether you are working correctly or not.

Not just forward motion but you can also pedal backward making two-way operation possible. Workout has never been so fun. This power-packed machine provides complete body workout right from shoulders, forearm hips, legs, and foot. Plastic made stabilizer knob will help you stabilize the equipment even on uneven ground.

To keep you engaged this equipment has an IPAD holder so you can enjoy your favorite videos while working out.

Overall this equipment has all the right features to secure a spot in your home.

Small Space Elliptical

What We Like

  • Users can choose from hundreds of workouts.
  • There are adjustable pedals.
  • The machine folds up to save space.
  • There’s a full-color touch screen display that uses the Android web browser.

What We Don't Like

  • The machine tends to be loud.

Are you looking for a space saver elliptical that will give you a great cardiovascular workout? The ProForm Smart Strider 935 might be the one for you.

The ProForm Smart Strider is one of the best compact exercise equipment on the market, with many amazing features. Take for instance the 7-inch full-color touchscreen display, fully equipped with Android web browsing and iFit capability.

Does iFit capability make a difference in this small elliptical? The iFit program allows the user to choose from hundreds of workouts designed by some of the top trainers in the world.

You can also choose from 22 preset workout programs and make use of hands-free heart monitoring. You also can adjust the oversized pedals and the incline up to 10 degrees.

The compact exercise equipment has a commercial-grade steel frame and even comes with a lifetime warranty.


After reading all the above descriptions, now is the time to figure out which one of these best compact ellipticals of 2023 you will buy for your home or apartment. There are many factors to consider before getting one of the smallest exercise machines.

Do you want a lightweight elliptical? The best option is the Schwinn A40. This great space saving elliptical with handlesis by far, the lightest out of all those reviewed.

The drawback with having a light elliptical is the potential of having to sacrifice durability. The heavier elliptical are made with more durable material. But you have the advantage of taking the Schwinn A40 to any room in your house.

Do you want an elliptical that will work your arms or just the legs? Only two elliptical reviewed exercise both legs and arms. The Proform Smart HIIT gives you the advantage of having a simulated punching action in addition to the fabulous leg workout.

Do you want something quiet? Do you have roommates or a significant other whom you know will complain if the elliptical is too loud? The Proform Smart Strider would not be a good option. The other elliptical reviewed will provide a quieter workout.

Are you concerned about having entertainment while you sweat off your banana split? The Proform Smart Strider has a web browser, giving you access to entertainment. While the Proform Smart HIIT allows you to add entertainment through the use of a tablet holder.

The Nordic Track also provides entertainment, but one reviewer didn’t like the quality with regards to watching YouTube videos.

Do you need a wide variety of workouts? If variety is something you are looking for, then the best option is to get either the Proform Smart HIIT Trainer, the ProForm Smart Strider 935 Elliptical Trainer, or the NordicTrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical.

The bottom line is we want to get our money’s worth. We want to get one of the best elliptical for small spaces. You know you need to lose weight, and as you look outside you are not ambitious enough to get your workout done in the park.

Then again, maybe you are concerned about others gawking at you as your beer belly moves up and down like a bowl full of jello. Perhaps you are more comfortable doing something in the comforts of your room with the door shut and the window shades down.

The point I’m making is how we all need to find a way to get in a heart-healthy, sweat-inducing, pain-free workout before the weeks turn to months.

If you want to stay inside, then get one of the above mentioned best elliptical for small spaces. Don’t let your favorite dress or swimsuit gather dust and mildew. You don’t need to give up on getting into the body you had at one time or dream of having.

Activate your warrior spirit, fight the bowl full of jello you see in the mirror and give everyone something to gawk about as you walk around in your favorite dress or as you wear your jeans downtown. You deserve to live life to the fullest before old age confines you to a rocking chair.


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