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The calendar tells us it should be spring, but the sea of white outside our windows tells us a different story. By now you are thinking about green grass, ocean breezes, or going outside without having to wonder if your fingers will go numb.

But then another thought starts to come into your head. You begin to think about if you can physically handle hours mowing the yard or walking the shore of your favorite waterway. You have spent too much time binging on your favorite show, and the pounds have reached unprecedented numbers.

Best of the Best
Schwinn A40 Elliptical

Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

What will you do to get yourself ready for the upcoming season of yard work or vacation getaway? One possible solution is to get an elliptical.

But you have considered getting an elliptical before, and you convinced yourself that ellipticals are not in your budget. I’m here to place your fears to rest as we look at some best elliptical under 500.

Does saving money sound like a good starting point? Below are five ellipticals.

Let’s look at each one, so you can go online or to your favorite store to purchase the best elliptical under 500 and get yourself in shape so that you can enjoy the warm weather ahead. 


Stride length

Resistance levels

User weight limit

Pre-Set Workouts

Best Price



90.4 lbs.




84 lbs.




116.8 lbs.




93 lbs.




99.2 lbs.


Best Overall

What We Like

  • The high speed, high inertia drive system produces a quiet workout.
  • The machine comes with a three-year warranty on the frame.
  • The Schwinn A40 comes with a media shelf.
  • The stride length is 17.5 inches. 

What We Don't Like

  • There are only seven workouts.

Do you want something light so that you can carry it to various rooms in your house or apartment? Do you want one of the best home ellipticals under 500? The Schwinn A40 might be the answer to your dream of getting back into shape.

If you want something lightweight, this is elliptical to get at only 90.4 pounds. Some may think that the low weight means a slight frame, but Schwinn backs up their products with a three-year warranty.

Are you mechanically challenged and want something easy to put together? This elliptical under 500 is easy to assemble and comes with other great features.

Take for instance the high speed, high inertia drive system for a smooth and yet quiet workout. There are also seven preset exercise programs if you include the one quick start program. There’s also a media shelf to keep your MP3, phone, or reading material within easy reach.

There’s also an excellent console for keep tabs on essential elements in your workout, such as speed, time, RPM, distance, calories, and heart rate. There are also eight levels of resistance to help you get rid of your love handles.

Reviewers raved about the ease of assembly and how quiet their cross-trainer machine was on a carpet surface. Others commented the stride length was adequate for those around 5’10” in height. 


What We Like

  • There’s an 18-inch stride length.
  • This elliptical exercise equipment has a media holder.
  • You can choose from 12 workouts.
  • You don’t have to lift the machine, because there are transportation wheels on the bottom. 

What We Don't Like

  • The machine needs to stay plugged in to change the resistance.

Are you looking to get one of the best elliptical machines under 500? Let’s face it, not everyone is getting a refund on their income taxes, and you need to get in shape so that you can do some of your favorite outdoor hobbies. Well, the exerpeutic 5000 magnetic elliptical trainer could be your answer.

The Exerpeutic 5000 is one of the top ellipticals and for some excellent reasons. Take for instance the 18-inch stride length. The stride length might not mean anything to you, but having 18-inches means a comfortable and a more natural feel with minimal strain on your knees and ankles.

The 12 workout programs will mean you won’t get bored with predictability. There’re also 24 levels of magnetic tension and is adjustable by a simple press of a button on the computer console.

Do you think you weigh too much for this bad boy? The weight capacity is 270 pounds.

Do you want something that you can quickly move from the kitchen to your baby’s room and back to your room? The Exerpeutic 5000 has transportation wheels and is only 84 pounds, meaning you don’t need to have a concern about back strain before you get on your machine. 

There’s also a media holder. Now you can read your email, listen to music, watch a movie, and read a book while you’re exercising on one of the best ellipticals under $500.

Reviewers commented that it was easy to assemble the machine. Another reviewer boasted that the device was stable, quiet, and very smooth. A 6’1” reviewer felt the stride length was adequate. 


What We Like

  • You can choose from 16 working apps. 
  • The machine is quiet for the home or apartment.
  • The ProForm combines a recumbent bike with an elliptical. 
  • There’s a five-year warranty on the frame. 

What We Don't Like

  • The elliptical stride length is only 15 inches.
  • There is no graphics screen. You need to use your tablet.

You know you need to get in shape, or you might be pushing up daisies soon, but you can’t afford an expensive elliptical machine. Maybe you want an elliptical under 500 dollars? The ProForm Hybrid Trainer might be the cross-trainer machine for you.

What makes the ProForm Hybrid Trainer so unique? You only need to look and see the difference. How many elliptical combines a recumbent bike with an elliptical?

But wait---there’s more to love about the ProForm Hybrid Trainer. There are 16 workout apps to choose from, meaning you would only repeat a workout once a month if you decide to exercise every day. You can challenge yourself with 16 levels of resistance.

The pedals and console are fully adjustable, and the machine display tracks your speed, time, distance, and calories. The machine only weighs 116.8 pounds, and there’s a five-year warranty on the frame.

What are other people saying about this under 500 elliptical? One reviewer felt the machine was easy to assemble.

The same reviewer felt the machine was sturdy and very quiet. If you have a lot going on in your house or apartment, then getting something quiet might be a good selling point for you.

Another reviewer wrote about how she had gained about 60 pounds after a year of inactivity due to bad knees, hip, and heart. Her husband also gained weight during the same period. They both knew they needed to lose weight and wanted an elliptical under 500 dollars.

The hybrid was a great way to compromise because she liked using the recumbent bike, while the husband took advantage of standing up on the elliptical.


What We Like

  • One of the best ellipticals comes with an 18-inch stride length.
  • There are 24 levels of resistance. 
  • The 21 pre-set workout programs mean you will never get bored.
  • The transportation wheels allow for simple movement for one room to another without back strain. 

What We Don't Like

  • Some reviewers complained the machine has a squeaking noise.

Are you looking for one of the best ellipticals under 500 for home use? Maybe you have a strict budget, but you still don’t want to sacrifice quality. Fitness Eeality E5500xl is one of the best low priced ellipticals.

What makes Fitness Reality E5500xl so unique? Take for instance the 18-inch stride and the user weight capacity of 270 lbs. If you have bad knees because of carrying around a beer belly, then give your knees a break by getting one of the top rated elliptical machines under 500 dollars.

Do you want to challenge yourself? The Fitness Reality comes with 24 levels of resistance so you can adjust the setting to feel like you are walking in the park or climbing up a mountain.

Do you like variety in your workout? Let the fitness reality elliptical be in your top five elliptical under 500 with an astounding 21 pre-set workout programs. You could almost go through a whole month without having to repeat a workout.

There’s also a double transmission system, allowing you to have increased momentum and a smoother striding motion.

What are others saying about Fitness Eeality E5500xl? One pointed out that her machine was quiet and sturdy. The same reviewer felt the device was adequate for both the beginner and the gym rat.


What We Like

  • The transportation wheels allow to get into any room in your house.
  • There are 16 levels of resistance.
  • Magnetic resistance gives the user a quiet workout
  • The machine can be used in both forward and reverse directions to utilize various muscle groups.

What We Don't Like

  • There is only a 14-inch foot stride length.
  • There are only six pre-set programs. It goes up to 13 if you include four heart rate control programs, one custom, one body fat, and one manual program.

Are you looking to get into your beach body before the summer vacation season, but you have a budget to consider? Why not get one of the top five elliptical machines under 500 dollars? Why not get yourself an XTERRA fs1.5 elliptical?

What makes the XTERRA fs1.5 elliptical unique among the vast sea of elliptical options? Check out some of the great features of one of the best ellipticals under 500 for home use.

Let’s start with the large LCD console, making it easy to read all your relevant information as you sweat off all your fruit cake from Christmas or your recent banana split. Then there are the hand pulse grips, allowing you to monitor your heart rate with ease.

There’s also the compact design of 51” length and 24” width. The small size means you can fit the machine in almost any room of your house or apartment. There are also transportation wheels, making it convenient for you to take the elliptical into a baby’s room or in the guest bedroom.

There are also 16 levels of resistance, making the machine suitable for both the casual exerciser and the one who is competing at the professional level.

The magnet resistance means you will have a quiet workout. So you can watch your child fall asleep while getting in some well-deserved exercise. Even the frame is made of high-quality material and comes with a five-year warranty.

What are others saying about the XTERRA? One reviewer bought his elliptical for his tiny second-floor office and was concerned about the noise factor, but to his surprise, the machine was quiet enough not to disturb others. 

How to Choose Best Elliptical Under 500

There you have it--some of the best ellipticals for 2019. Now comes the part where you need to decide on the feature or features you are looking for in one of the above mentioned, top rated elliptical machines under 500 dollars.

Are you in the market to get one of the best ellipticals under 500 for home use? I think the obvious answer is “yes.”

But what does having a great home elliptical mean? Does it mean having a quiet elliptical? None of the ellipticals reviewed had any significant issues with noise, other than the Fitness Reality, where one reviewer complained the machine had a squeaking sound.

Maybe you are more concerned about having a 20-inch stride elliptical. Perhaps you are a basketball player and want a stress-free workout on your knees. The two ellipticals that are close to the 20-inch criteria is the Fitness Reality and the Exerpeutic 1318 at 18-inches.

If stride length is your concern, then the XTERRA with a 14-inch stride length is elliptical to avoid.

Stride length is only one part of the whole. Take for instance getting a light machine. I want to think single moms are reading this review who want to get rid of some excess weight before getting back on the dating scene and don’t want a massive machine to assemble or move.

The lightest machine, and yet one of the best elliptical under 500 for home use, is the Exerpeutic 1318 elliptical at 84 lbs. But the other ellipticals are also close to the same weight as the Exerpeutic 1318 with the lone exception of the ProForm Hybrid at 116.8 lbs.

The ProForm Hybrid was the only elliptical reviewed that could either be an elliptical or a recumbent bike. The hybrid feature is excellent for those roommates or married couples who can’t decide if a recumbent or elliptical is better for a good workout.

There are some who have hesitated about getting one of the best home ellipticals under 500 dollars because being inside is not your cup of tea. You rather be outside in the elements, where you get some scenery and variety.

If getting variety is more your style, then the Fitness Reality is the best deal with 21 different workouts. But if you don’t care for doing something different every day, then you might have contentment with the Schwinn A40 elliptical with only seven workouts.

Maybe having a spot to watch a movie or read a book is something you want to have in an elliptical. The two brands to get for the media conscience gym rat is the Schwinn A40 and the Exerpeutic 1318 where having a media holder was part of the product description.

Then there are some who are more hardcore and want to tone up their thighs for the upcoming summer vacations where you already know you will be hiking with your family. But to get stronger legs you want something that will challenge you.

If you want a challenge, then the best ellipticals are the Exerpeutic 1318 and the Fitness Reality with 24 levels of resistance. With having so much resistance, it will be like having a huge mountain right in the convenience of your house or apartment.


Getting one of the best ellipticals for under 600 dollars or even 500 dollars should be simple. There’s enough stress in your life already with work, parenting and paying taxes. You want a machine that will get rid of stress, and remove some excess love handles.

Do you want to arrive at the beach in confidence, knowing that others are gawking in admiration at your toned-body instead of being disgusted at your beer belly? Are you sick of looking like Santa Claus when it’s July?

The best thing is to figure out what features you want in an elliptical and get something now before you hit the road to your favorite vacation spot. Look online or take a trip to your preferred exercise equipment distributor and buy one of the best ellipticals under 500 dollars.

Your heart will love you for the extra equipment, and you will like yourself more as you finally get back into your favorite jeans or swimwear. Let’s enjoy the summer months outside with family and friends and not inside in either exhaustion or pain. 

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