Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer By Body Solid

Well, the season of love, laughter and loads of fun has shown up! Cheers to happy, chirpy and long holidays where we usually see ourselves eating, drinking and relaxing all day long!

Even amidst the "Busy" holiday schedule, it is crucial to take care of your health as you are going to be surrounded with the feast of desserts, appetizers, scrumptious foods, drinks and much more. Just so you know, health is beyond blessings.

The Best fitness E1 is an elliptical trainer which is all set to drain out your "Daily excuses" by creating a jovial atmosphere. You can walk, run, jog, pedal without having to worry about your daily soaps, music or any other source of entertainment!

Here are some of the crucial factors which make you jump out of bed and enjoy your workout session with Best fitness E1:

The Best fitness E1 elliptical trainer is designed by using a balanced steel frame which fits in a compact space thus maintains a compact footprint.

This best fitness E1elliptical machine makes your workout comfortable by providing a 21-inch stride length. This lets your legs stretch, bend and move in a comfortable position thus reducing the risk of fatigue and cramps.

Modes of training

To boost your workout hunger and put some zeal during your workout session, the Best fitness e1 elliptical trainer offers you 5 different modes of training. These training modes present various set of exercise options wherein you can choose the workouts based on your preferred intensity.

The modes include User mode, program mode, manual mode, and Watt mode. From a rookie to fitness buffs, the Best fitness e1 elliptical trainer has got the right thing for everyone!


The Best fitness e1 elliptical trainer possesses a 5-inch display wherein you can easily track your workout output. In short, it displays the time, distance covered, calories burned, RPM, speed, temperature, Watt, Clock, calendar, and load!

Program profiles

Here, in this elliptical trainer, you can choose among the 12 different program profiles which are preset. Thus, you can adjust the settings according to your comfort and convenience.

These advanced and stunning features are implemented to target right from a beginner to fitness freaks making every challenge fresh and enthusiastic!


  • Super easy step-up height.
  • It helps in eliminating rocking by creating a balanced frame with a low center of gravity.
  • The elliptical trainer can hold up to 275 pounds of user capacity.
  • The Best fitness elliptical trainer provides contact heart rate handles which help in tracking your workout session.
  • As the pedals are close enough, it helps to vanish hip fatigue.
  • The elliptical trainer targets both the upper body and lower body.
  • This elliptical machine possesses a patented center drive design.
  • As it is portable and compact, transportation is made easy.
  • With a warranty for several months and years to different parts of the trainer, it is worth the hard earned money.
  • The pedals in the elliptical machine are placed slightly low for easy access.
  • The stylish blue LCD at the background with white alphabets adds brightness making the visibility more clear.

Resistance levels

Since we tend to gravitate towards our old companion called "Laziness" after several days of strict workout, the Best elliptical trainer cuts out the "gravitation" How?

Here it is: This elliptical trainer provides you with 17 different resistance levels. Thus, you can challenge yourself and keep pushing yourself to reach the targeted level. This not only increases your interest in the targeted levels but also makes you healthier.


  • Compact design.
  • Pedals put together to help reduce hip fatigue.
  • Works silently.
  • Simultaneous exercise of arms and legs.


  • Some users may find it heavy to carry.
  • Display programming is complicated.

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Final Verdict

Be it a season of festivals or a long, hard at work, the Best fitness e1 elliptical trainer is one fun-filled trainer which fuels up your zeal and thus prepares you to go ahead with your next challenge! So, what's your next challenge? Bringing home the Best fitness elliptical trainer?

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