Best Sole Elliptical Reviews 2023

The 1990s came up with a new trend of Elliptical trainers that fortified fitness freak's exercise regimen. Elliptical machines are low-impact exercise machines that tone muscles and lose rigid fat, maintaining overall fitness. Sole is a well-known brand of fitness equipment that has been servicing workout aficionados in North America and Canada for many years.

Sole is known for its excellent service and warranties. The Treadmills, exercise bikes, and elliptical by Sole Fitness are the "Best Buys" for their quality, performance, and customer happiness. The power-packed machines best Sole Elliptical mimic walking, climbing, and running while gentle on joints and the cardiovascular system.

Overweight and obesity are globally challenging health issues. With the swelling healthiness realization among peers, the elliptical market foresees an upsurge soon. Fast food and junk eating habits are common these days. They are the key factors that drive the elliptical market and are likely to propel the trend of having the best elliptical among youth.

The fitness enthusiasts are turning towards daily low-impact cardio and this is inspiring fitness centres to adopt high-grade elliptical machines. Leading manufacturers like Sole too are expanding their product line, incorporating adjustable stride length, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in speakers, and foldable features to align with customers’ needs.

Sole-ful Workout

The American brand Sole Fitness has a specific reputation for being the best elliptical for both residential and light commercial purposes. These are made following the guidelines of physical therapists.

The innovative vision of the company is to include new technology and smart features in their elliptical trainers. Sole ellipticals move you with their techno-friendliness in the E Series. Best Sole Ellipticals features high-quality components, substantial warranties, and cost leadership.

Why choose sole ellipticals?

Sole has an excellent reputation in the fitness industry built over high-quality components and structure.

Sole is already an established name in manufacturing high-end treadmills for hotels has now entered into the in-house cardio-machine segment. So, it is a trustable brand.

Sole offers the best warranty on their bikes and ellipticals. One of the main reasons you should purchase a Sole Elliptical is the superb after-sales support.

Sole ellipticals are worth every penny. Their excellent quality, comfort, and price point make it very competitive than the other players in the market.

The wireless Bluetooth connectivity helps manage the fitness/training data easier. The strong, ergonomically designed steel body with power-adjustable strides up to 24” to the max.

In addition to the above, Sole has the solution for smaller spaces too. The company offers several folding options that would clear up the room floor. The gym seems luxurious of past with the affordable at-home elliptical by Sole. The company makes sure you don’t have to compromise on features irrespective of compact and folding elliptical trainers.

I like the flexibility of Sole ellipticals. Their adjustable foot pedals and moulded moving arm bars make sure you do not strain your feet and hips. The heavy 20-30 lb. flywheel makes the stable cycling motion smooth and noiseless. A Long 20-24″ tread span may not be for you if you are short like me.

The latest and the best Sole ellipticals are the E-series, which includes 4 models. Let’s take a look at them -

4 Best Sole Elliptical Reviews Of 2023

Best Overall

Sole Fitness E35

Sole E35 elliptical is an entry-level model that is apt for the novice as well as the transitional user. E35 has a resilient and firm frame with enhanced built-in technology than the previous models. The magnetic resistance of the elliptical trainer gives a quiet and pleasant training experience thanks to its fluid gliding action.

Its front-drive configuration makes it a compact machine than others. The machine comes with integrated transport wheels keeping comfort in mind so; that you can roll it to create extra space in the room. The flowy natural motion of the 25 lb flywheel ensures you and your pets sleep without disturbance.

The key features of E35 include a 7.5-inch display console LCD with the white backlit feature, built-in speakers, fixed 20-inch stride, and fixed-grip bars with built-in pulse sensors, specially designed foot pedals and power incline for a comfortable workout for the lower limbs. The multiple programming features align with the varying level of fitness.

Sole Elliptical

Sole E55 Elliptical Trainer

E55 is the smallest sized Sole elliptical trainer yet is a proficient trainer. Its sturdy body is strong enough to bear up to 375 lbs person. Its sturdy body is strong enough to bear up to 375 lbs person. The comfortable oversized pedals ensure the smoothest workout. You can keep yourself cool with personal cooling fans during a workout. Sole E55 elliptical is easy to use and has a high level of user safety.

The heavy 20 lb. flywheel prevents any hiccups, making the ride smooth and muted. Sole exclusive Power Incline technology has 20 different levels in E55 elliptical to adapt with all fitness levels.

The improved 9.0-inch display screen and the integrated tablet holder will make your experience pleasant. Its USB charger will keep your smart devices charged while you exercise. In addition to the utility features, E55 has Bluetooth speakers, heart rate monitoring, a power-adjustable incline, and a maximum 20” stride.

Other prominent features of the E55 elliptical include incline controls on armbars, 10 workout menus, and connectivity to smart devices via Sole Fitness App.

Sole Elliptical

SOLE E95 Elliptical

The Best Buy model, E95 elliptical is a smooth amalgamation of technology and comfortability. Its 27 lb flywheels offer a buttery smooth ride. The 10.1” LCD, adjustable stride, heart rate sensors, and 10 workout programs, two personal cooling fans, a water bottle holder, an integrated tablet holder makes it aesthetically as well as functionally impressive.

The Foot Pedals in E95 are cushioned and adjustable up to 10 positions. E95’s Bluetooth connectivity allows you to transfer/check workout stats on smart devices via Sole Fitness App and other third-party apps. You can adjust the incline to target specific regions of the lower body.

Sole E95 elliptical has long smooth moulded armbars, so you can target upper body parts effectively. It has a 14” step-up height with up to 400 lbs weight-bearing capacity so it can be the best buy for heavy people.

Sole Elliptical

SOLE Light Commercial E98

Sole E98 elliptical is a very powerful commercial elliptical for the total workout of the body. It is the best trainer with the most authentic and heavy-duty frame that can support up to 400 lb weight. The elliptical trainer is designed with great effort and is supported by the best warranty. Its 20” stride length is just a comfortable choice for most people.

The 32 lb flywheel, superb magnetic resistance system, and high gear ratio make the ride flawless as you pedal. Other major highlights of Sole E98 Elliptical include 11 workout programs, adjustable-angle pedals, and long easy-grip handlebars with touch pulse sensors. You can choose your workout style from the manual programs or customize and save it.

You can enjoy your favorite music from your smartphone while exercising with Bluetooth connectivity. Bluetooth can also connect Sole’s fitness app with third-party apps for fitness efforts tracking.

The large 10.1″ TFT LCD with white backlit makes it easy to read.

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Bottom Line

There is not very much difference in the above four models of E-series. While E35 is a mid-range home exercise equipment, E98 is a light commercial elliptical trainer. The size of the display screen increases as we move up from E35 to E55 to E95 to E98.

The weight of the flywheel also increases from E35 to E98 whose fluidity in the movement increases with the heaviness of the flywheel that makes sure the activity is quiet.

E98 elliptical comes with a better warranty than E35. If you have a modest budget go for E35, or the E95 or E98 will be a good choice for quieter movement, enhanced stability, better control, and warranty.

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