Do Ellipticals Help Lose Belly Fat (Yes, Here’s How)

Yes, you can lose belly fat by using an elliptical machine. An elliptical machine is excellent for losing weight, strengthening your cardiovascular system, and building muscle tone. It also helps strengthen abdominal muscles, which will help you get rid of that stubborn belly fat.

The best thing about using an elliptical is that it works with your body’s natural rhythms rather than against them. Because of this, you will burn more calories than if you were to run on a treadmill or ride a bike outside.

When you use an elliptical, you work your legs, arms, and core muscles simultaneously. The added resistance of the machine helps build up your strength over time so that when you walk or run on it, the pace feels easier than when you started.

Here are the reasons why ellipticals can help you lose belly fat:

The Stairmaster-like motion of an elliptical creates a calorie-burning effect because your body has to work harder than usual as it pedals forward and backward. This calorie burn is what helps burn belly fat.

The elliptical resistance level varies from 0 (no resistance) to 12 (maximum resistance). As you pedal, the more difficult it becomes, so your body must work harder and go faster to continue pedaling. This increases your calories burned, which means more fat being burned off!

Who will benefit from using elliptical trainers?

Elliptical trainers are ideal for those who have problems with joints. An elliptical workout burns calories and belly fat, but there is no risk of joint damage.

The elliptical trainer is ideal for older people who are not accustomed to running. Benefit more for those who suffer from arthritis and injuries or want to do low-impact exercise.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that just because you are using an elliptical machine, you won’t have to exercise at all. In fact, this type of equipment has been found to help people lose weight faster than other forms of exercise.

Many reasons to increase belly fat include a poor diet, lack of exercise, and stress.

If you spend too much time sitting, you will gain weight due to a lack of movement. Not getting enough sleep can also cause belly fat and weight gain.

Excessive alcohol consumption leads to weight gain around the abdomen. Which causes various health problems, including liver disease and inflammation.

What causes belly fat

Burn calories and melt away belly fat with elliptical exercise!

As we age, our bodies begin to slow down, which means they don’t burn calories as efficiently as they used to when we were younger. This can lead to weight gain as well as abdominal fat accumulation. However, if you start moving more often, your body will naturally burn more calories throughout the day and help keep those extra pounds at bay!

Why is belly fat dangerous?

As your belly fat increases, so will your body. And excess weight is one of the leading causes of various major body diseases.

Excess weight and fat can increase the risk of diseases:

  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • heart disease
  • heart attacks
  • stroke
  • breast cancer
  • asthma
  • colon cancer
  • How long should you use the elliptical?

    You should spend at least 150 minutes a week doing cardiovascular exercise — that's about 30 minutes five days a week. The upper end of the range is 300 minutes.

    But you need to spend no set amount of time on the elliptical to see results. Instead, you'll get different results depending on several factors, including your age and gender.

    How long should you use the elliptical

    Kick-start your weight loss journey with the help of the elliptical machine!

    If you're over 35 and have been sedentary for several years, you'll probably need to do more than 150 minutes a week to maintain your current fitness level. On the other hand, if you're over 50 and not active, you may only need 30 minutes a week.

    If you're a woman or younger than 30, you should aim for 30 minutes five days a week; if you're over 50 or inactive, then a minimum of 60 minutes five days a week is recommended.

    How to use the elliptical for maximum benefit?

    The elliptical trainer is the best home exercise machine because it offers a smooth ride without jarring or jolting. It’s an all-around great workout, especially for those who have joint issues or other mobility issues.

    Ellipticals are indeed excellent cardio machines. They’re low-impact and support fast calorie burn. In addition, cardio workouts will work your heart to pump blood around the body.

    How to use the elliptical for maximum benefit

    Put your abs to the test and blast belly fat with elliptical workouts!

    However, if you misuse an elliptical, you can actually hurt your knees. Here are some ways to use an elliptical safely for maximum benefit:

    1. Start slow, then build up your speed as you feel comfortable
    2. For most people, 3 miles per hour is a good starting point (but there are ways to increase this intensity if you wish)
    3. Don’t forget to breathe! Take in the air whenever you start getting tired or out of breath (this helps keep blood flowing through your body)
    4. Don’t lean forward while running on the machine or stand up while riding it. This puts too much strain on your lower back and forces you to lift your knees higher than they should be (which can lead to injury).
    5. Keep your knees slightly bent while using an elliptical. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground, with your knees tracking forward and back smoothly during use (not bouncing up and down).
    6. Don’t sit on the equipment with your legs straight out in front of you (like you would stand). This puts too much strain on your knees and hips, leading to injury.
    7. Don’t let your feet dangle off the sides of the machine when running or pedaling — this will cause you to lose balance, which could lead to injury!
    8. Don’t use an elliptical as a stepping stool when walking around while watching TV — this could also cause injury!


    In this article, I outlined why elliptical trainers are generally effective for reducing belly fat and losing weight. They are excellent for weight loss because they improve your cardio by incorporating your arms into the workout. They can burn as many calories as jogging, depending on the intensity of your workout.

    In addition, the best ellipticals will allow you to customize your strides from short to long, high impact to low impact, which allows you to exercise in a low impact manner if you have joint problems.

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