Elliptical Machine Buying Guide 2023

Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

What better than to bring the gym right to your home? Buying a home elliptical trainer could be one of the best decisions that your fitness fanatic mind ever makes.

This could save you thousands in gym fees, and hours upon hours of travel time to and from the gym.

The best part about them? They make you burn more calories than traditional treadmills! Cool, isn’t it?

Whoa, wait, hold on before you place that order! An elliptical machine is a big purchase. Before you spend that big pile of money on it, read on to know about 8 features you should consider before taking the final decision.

Let’s get on with it!

You will buy an Elliptical Machine when it is especially suitable for you. Before purchasing determine who in your family will use it and the maximum weight, it can take on.

It is true that a single user weighing 170 lbs will need a different Elliptical Machine than a family where each member weigh around 300 lbs.

You also need to consider the place where you will place it. How long you are going to use it is also an important consideration.

Elliptical Machine Guide

The Stride Length

This is perhaps one of the most important features of an elliptical trainer. Adjustable stride lengths are the best, as they cater to a wide variety of people.

Going for a 14-inch stride length would be too small, while 28 inches would be too large. Either go for something like 21 inches, or an adjustable stride.

Flexibility is the best!

Safety Is a Must!

You don’t want to fall off or get your shoelaces stuck in the elliptical machine, do you? Getting injured while burning off those calories could be the worst-case scenario for you. Therefore, opt for a machine with best-in-class safety features.

Warm up and cool down periods are desirable in an elliptical trainer. The handrails for balance should not be sticking in the way of you working out on the machine. Plus, a no-maintenance and good warranty machine is probably a must.

Must Read Elliptical Safety Tips: 7 Safety Tips Before Using an Elliptical Machine

The Console

If you are working out on an elliptical machine, we assume that you would like to know about certain things:

  • The calories you’ve burnt.
  • The time you've spent shedding those blood, sweat, and teardrops, and other things.

Hence, the console on the machine is vital to consider. A geeky and tech-savvy machine would include a bottle holder, as well as speaker slots. Jamming out on your favorite music while working out is the best feeling ever!

The Configuration

Elliptical machines come in three configurations.


The Rear-drive elliptical is perfect for home and club use because they have fewer moving parts and reduce mechanical problems.

In a rear drive machine, where, apparently, the flywheel is at the rear of the machine.


The Front-drive elliptical has the articulated foot pedals. It helps the feet aligned with the motion of the equipment and gives forward-leaning positioning and longer strides length.

In a front drive machine, the flywheel is located at the front of the machine.


The Center-drive elliptical has a drive axle and provides a natural-feeling stride. It also takes up less space.

In a center drive machine, the wheel is at the center of the elliptical.

Depending on what length of machine you want, and the quietness and comfort levels, go for the configuration that suits you best.

Warranty and Maintenance

What’s better than having an elliptical machine at home to work out on? The answer is obvious: Having a good-looking elliptical machine at home!

Go for the best build and design quality that your money can buy. After all, if it does not look good where you’ll do all your hard work, what’s the point?

Design And Build Quality

Having a solid warranty policy, and hassle-free maintenance is a must for every machine, let alone an elliptical trainer. If your elliptical trainer requires maintenance after every week, then there’s something fatally wrong. 


Perhaps the most important factor on this list! According to research findings over 90% of shoppers have no idea of the price of an Elliptical Machine. Looking at the pricing for different machines is, without doubt, a deciding factor for most elliptical machine buyers.

Getting the best quality for your money is of prime importance!

So, looking to get an elliptical trainer and get that fit body you’ve always dreamt of? Consider these factors before buying your machine, and you should be good to go!

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