7 Elliptical Workouts You Should Never Do

Elliptical machines are some of the best to work out on. Providing a great calorie burning return, they are insanely popular and can be found in both homes as well as gyms.

Treadmills have been left biting the dust ever since elliptical machines became a thing!

Excellent for people with joint troubles too, elliptical machines do not put pressure on the joints. This non-impact workout style is fantastic for people who cannot afford to exert their joints.

Strengthening and toning muscles, along with burning fat, is very simple on elliptical machines.

However, the elliptical is by no means an all-purpose machine.

There are some elliptical workout methods you should completely avoid doing on your machine, lest you end up seriously harming yourself.

Read on to find out what they are.

7 Elliptical Workouts

Sure, it might feel like a challenge, and hence more calories burnt, but putting all your weight on your toes can prove to be disastrous. This deprives your thighs of reaping the benefits of the workout, and can also impact your knees negatively.

For best results, put your weight on your heels, to target your glutes and hamstrings.

Personalize your training routine to achieve the best results in whatever body parts you want.

Leaning on the handles, or holding too tight

If the handles on the elliptical machine are movable, make sure to keep a loose grip and focus on natural body movement.

Holding on too tight means a less effective workout, since your hands act as a relief for the resistance you feel on the machine.

Leaning or slouching over the handles has the same effect as holding them too tight. The handles keep supporting your body, which means a less effective elliptical workout in the end.

Keep your posture straight, and all should be good!

Not maintaining speed

If you cannot strike a perfect balance between speed and resistance past a certain speed, then do not cross it.

Gradually adding to the speed and resistance is a better idea while working out.

As opposed to a treadmill, you control your own pace in an elliptical machine, and you should be able to keep a steady one.

A distracted workout

Crushing on a girl or guy you saw working out while on the elliptical?

Talking to your boyfriend or girlfriend during your workout? A big no-no!

A distracted workout is the worst waste of energy you could ever do. Getting in shape and making improvements don't come while being distracted.

Saddle up, and focus on the workout on hand. Ogle your crush later!

Forgetting to relax while on the elliptical Workout

Breathing steadily and relaxing whenever you feel like burning out is the key.

Storing up stress in your neck and shoulders as you get tense never works out.

Deep breaths and a relaxed approach to your workout are all it takes to get in a good shift at the elliptical.

Forgetting to engage your core

The elliptical machine is meant to engage your full body while working out.

Your abs, glutes, hamstrings, arms and lower back- all are meant to be worked out while on the elliptical.

Having great posture while working out helps engage your abs, and prevent stress on your lower back. It also aids in keeping your movement in line.

Using the elliptical and elliptical only

Too much of everything is bad, isn’t it?

Being an elliptical junkie isn’t going to help anybody out.

You don’t incorporate variety while doing so, and you keep the machine busy for other people who may want to use it. Never use one machine exclusively.

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