Is Your Food & Medication Robbing You Of Nutrients?

In fast-paced city life, it is merely impossible to take care of the lifestyle. The food you eat and the medicines you have can have unknown effects on the body that no one really talks about.

That said, the sugary items that you savor every night are causing your body to fail by not giving it nutrients to function, which can further lead to more health problems.

A variety of factors can rob you of nutrients but to refuel it, you need to imbibe certain healthy habits that will take care of this issue.

Generally having an unhealthy meal will make you feel energetic temporarily. Within no time, you will notice an urge to eat more and the snacking saga will continue to daunt you.

You need to put a full stop to it...

Luckily, it is not very hard to rebalance it all over again. Before you purchase any item from the grocery store, watch out for the ingredients included in the packaging.

This list gives you an idea of what's harming your body and how you can revive back and lead a healthy life once again!

Phosphoric Acid

Usually found in sodas and flavored water, this chemical additive can block the absorption of magnesium and calcium in your body. So basically, every time you grab a glass of coke, you are definitely depleting nutrients in your body.

One of the studies has also shown the results wherein an average cola drinker lost bone mass density that the ones who didn't. This is due to the ratio of healthy nutrients that sodas lack. There's also an increased risk of cramping and spasms.

Sweetened Cereals

Sweetened Cereals

Breakfast cereals can appear healthy but usually, they are harming you. Some of the cereals that are available in the market can easily rob your body's nutrients. Since they are high in added sugar, they do more harm than you can ever imagine.

Some are even sweeter than candies, it is that bad. An ideal alternative for this would be cereals made with high fiber and low in sugar. You can even make your own cereal at home and relish it forever.

Pastries, Cookies Etc

No exception here but all kinds of junk food are a big no-no as ultimately they deplete your body of nutrients. Packaged items have refined sugar, wheat flour and other added fats that can be unhealthy.

It is undoubtedly tasty but who would want to sacrifice their health just for a few bites? Let this wrong practice not hamper your overall well-being.

Food is not the only thing that strips away all the nutrients but there are certain medicines as well that are highly responsible. Now, if your prescription includes any of the following medicines, straight up say no to them!

You may not be able to observe it at first but gradually, the symptoms of vitamins and minerals deficiency will occur.

Here's what you need to replace, stat!


One of the most popular drugs, Metformin, is known to suck all the Vitamin B12 from the body. Not just that, it also causes mental health issues.


This medicine comes with a boatload of issues. Long term usage of statins can lead to coronary artery calcification. They rob the body of a very well-known nutrient, coenzyme Q10.

It is easy to get distracted and have the worst lifestyle you could ever imagine for yourself. But hold it right there. Once you have put a full stop to all the bad habits, these wellness tips supported by experts will help gain back all the lost nutrients.

Eat Nuts

Even though they include fats, they are healthy fats that are incredibly nutritious. The best part? You can snack on them even while traveling. Since they are loaded with vitamins and fiber, it can help you attain energy.

They also boost metabolism and increase the chances of weight loss as well. Add it to your daily diet and see its benefits.

Do Some Cardio

No, you don't need to take a gym membership just to gain back all the lost nutrients. You can do it at the comfort of your home as well. Just put on videos and do aerobic, yoga or Zumba.

Better yet, you can also get your hands on an elliptical machine that will help you with major improvements in your health.

Use Extra Virgin Oil For Cooking

Use Extra Virgin Oil For Cooking

Extra virgin oil is one of the best oil that's available in the market. The benefits of using this oil are unmatched since it is heavily loaded with monosaturated fats.

The powerful antioxidants present in it can help fight inflammation. Furthermore, including it in your diet will revive the nutrient deficiency back. It also lowers the risk of heart strokes and attacks.

Minimize Your Sugar Intake

Added sugar is the worst enemy for your body. In most modern diets, you would notice that added sugar is present in a larger amount. High sugar consumption has been linked with ailments like diabetes, obesity and other heart problems.

Make Sure You Eat Protein

Make Sure You Eat Protein

Having enough proteins is vital to increase the level of nutrients in your body. What's more, it also helps aid weight loss. High protein consumption can significantly make you feel full and this way you can cut down the consumption of calories.

Not just that, it also helps lessen the cravings and your desire to snack at night on junk. Protein intake also helps lower blood sugar and also decreases pressure levels.

Using Herbs & Spices

Ginger and turmeric both have anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant effects that help you with many health benefits. Recipes that include the usage of these two items is an incredible option to increase the nutrients in your body.

Track Your Food Intake

The best way to track your food intake is to have a nutrition tracker. It helps you understand if you are having it enough and if not, you can improve on the pattern better.

Studies have shown that people who use this device were more successful at their weight loss goals and have a better lifestyle.

Bottom Line

As far as your health is concerned, a battle is never lost, if you keep following this routine. A few simple steps and you would be on your way to an impeccable lifestyle. Challenge yourself and feel rejuvenated!

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