Effective Food To Have Post Cardio Workout & Feel Energized Again

Even though workouts can make you feel energetic and motivated, after a great muscle busting sesh you would need something rewarding. You are sure to feel tired and exhausted and would need some grub.

Your muscles need to be fed with the right sort of food items that have high nutrient levels so you can start recovering.

Experts recommend that the ideal time to have a meal post-workout is 30 minutes.

In most of the cases, you would need proteins and carbohydrates to fuel up but since you just got done with a cardio workout, you will need more carbs to restore the lost energy.

need proteins and carbohydrates

It also depends on how long or how intense your cardio is. The benefit of following this workout is that it helps you burn calories which further helps in weight loss but only if it is combined with the right diet plan.

Some rules will help you make the most of your workout. This nutrition guideline will go with you a long way and prove beneficial.

Workout Meal

1. After A Moderate Workout

If your workout is of 30 to 45 minutes and is on a moderate level, for example, you went for a run or did Zumba, your main focus has to be getting all the fluids back in your system.

Your calorie expenditure, in this case, won’t be high.

What you need to do is have water and hydrate yourself. Not a big fan? Have coconut water or you can try some energy drinks as well.

2. After A Heavy Workout

Workouts that include rigorous activities is an intense workout, where you burn a lot of calories and experience heartburn.

The amount of energy your body will shed is such cases means that you will need to refuel more.

Besides water or coconut water, you would need a meal as well that's a blend of proteins and carbohydrates too.

Protein, on one hand, will rebuild your muscles and at the same time, the carbohydrates will replace glycogen stores. This will bring back all your energy.

For example, after such a heavy workout, you can consume, protein shake. You can also add bananas or apples to it.

You can have greek yogurt with berries or have whole-wheat bread with tuna.

You can also try turkey wrap with veggies, fat cheese crackers, and fruit or peanut butter with a banana sandwich.

3. Longer Sessions

For some, working out is life, and if you have been in this for long, you will need a bit more to restore the energy level.

Drink electrolytes or have Gatorade. Have a meal that includes a 3:1 ratio of carbohydrate and protein.

You can have cereal and milk. Try your hands on a bagel with eggs. You can also have a protein shake with your choice of fruit.

What to Eat After Cardio Workout

Post Workout Food

1. Egg Whites

Remember only egg whites make for a good meal after your cardio workout.

They are fat-free and high in protein which makes it an excellent choice post-workout. It's even better if you have it with veggies.

Add a dab of coconut oil to it to attain some healthy fats for your body.

2. Almonds

Unsalted almonds are a great addition to your post-cardio workout. They are known for the protein levels, vitamin B and potassium.

Almonds work well with your blood pressure and are good for your heart health. They can tame down your appetite. Have them with fruits or add them to your greek yogurt.

3. Lean Protein Items To Have

Lean Protein Items To Have

Eat proteins after your workout as they are as important as carbohydrates. It will help repair as well as stimulate your muscles.

You can make an oatmeal meal and add a small cut of low-fat milk to it.

You can also add lentils to your crackers. Other protein items that are an amazing one post-workout are fish, lean meat, quinoa, eggs or low-fat yogurt.

4. Green Smoothie

Experts recommend that having green veggies or smoothie can make the whole process easier for you.

You can have a green smoothie that's made with spinach, kale, carrot, and tomatoes.

You can add whey protein to it as it will help maintain the levels of creatine stores.

5. Some Great On The Go Options

Some Great On The Go Options

If you are short on time and need something to grab while you are on your way to work or someplace else, some food items will be your mate on the go. You can have shake or protein bars.

Check for options that have protein added to them. Make sure there's no added sugar to it.

6. Fruits To Choose

Fruits can add up to your fluid levels in the body and can prevent dehydration as well. Try out fruits that are rich in water levels. Include watermelon, citrus fruits, apples or cherries in your plan.

These have fast-acting carbohydrates but are low in fiber and have natural sugar.

You can have fresh smoothies made of an entire fruit. For potassium boost in your body, have bananas, cantaloupes or apricots.

Some stores have wrapped eggs or servings of cheese. You can also grab a small pack of nuts as they are an amazing, healthy option on the go.

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