How Effective Is Elliptical For Weight Loss?

Anyone who ever stepped into an elliptical machine knows how good it is for the overall body. That is the main reason for this machine becoming one of the fastest-growing fitness equipment. It offers a great form of weight-bearing exercise with a low-impact workout session. To know in detail how effective is elliptical to lose weight, stay with this guide.

By offering a full-body workout, this fitness equipment will help you to burn more fat. Also, it will increase cardiovascular endurance and tone your body muscles. In this way, an elliptical works effectively for weight loss than any other fitness equipment.

Elliptical For Weight Loss

It is a piece of fitness equipment that is widely used by fitness freaks in the gym, health clubs, and home. The elliptical is the ideal machine to have a low-cardio exercise. People of any age use this machine conveniently to lose weight and keep fit. It is designed with two-foot pedals along with two long handles for perfect grip.

The elliptical exercise seems like walking, running, and climbing stairs which focus on the whole-body workout. Do not worry while working out with an elliptical if you have joint and other health issues. It will allow you to have non-impact cardio with various intensity levels as per your resistance.

How Effective Is Elliptical for Weight Loss?

As we mentioned earlier, the elliptical provides a whole-body workout. In this way, it not only burns calories but also helps to tone the whole body. You can add interval training like HIIT in your workout session. Simply do 30 seconds of high-intensity workout and then recover it with 15 seconds of the low-intensity workout.

There is another way you can do 60 seconds of high-intensity workout and 30 seconds of recovery. You can try this particular way when your body gets adjusted with the elliptical. While doing low-intensity recovery movements, do not stop moving the legs. You should continue pedaling in slow motions.

When you do such exercises with the elliptical, it can burn more calories than the other equipment. “If you hit the elliptical hard, you burn a greater number of calories overall”- Hannah Davis, certified strength and conditioning specialist. This machine works on strengthening and toning the calves, quads, hamstrings, arms all at the same time.

How to get a good Weight Loss Exercise on an Elliptical?

To lose weight, you can try different types of workouts on the elliptical. But, the process and exercise form should be accurate enough. Here we shared the easiest way that you can apply with Elliptical For Weight Loss.

Plan Before Starting the Workout

Before beginning the workout session, make sure you come up with a proper weight loss plan. So, set up your goal and how much weight you want to lose. If you start pedaling without any proper plan, ultimately, you can’t achieve anything effectively. To have an effective workout and faster weight loss, one must come up with a plan.

Know the Machine Then Step Onto It

It is essential to know the machine before starting to use it. Every elliptical machine comes up with several buttons and programs. You should know every detail of these buttons and programs to get the most benefit.

After that, step onto the machine but be very careful. Because as you keep your feet, the pedal will start moving, so you may lose balance. Therefore, grab the handlebars first and then step on to the elliptical. When you start taking a few steps forward, the display button will power up. Then, you can use them as per your requirement.

Start Pedaling

Now, learn the basics of using an elliptical machine. Pull the right hand towards your body when your left foot goes down. At this time, keep the left leg as straight as possible. Apply the same thing with the right leg and left hand. With every stroke, when you straighten the leg, ensure bending the knees slightly.

Turn the Resistance Level Up

Once you learn the peddling process and get used to the elliptical, turn up the resistance level. With the increasing resistance level, you will feel more tension in the body. Turning up the level allows you to push and pull the pedals and handlebars harder. As a result, the whole body muscle gets an effective workout.

Forward and Backward

In this exercise, you have to alternate between forward and backward moving sessions. You can do this motion for equal periods. Else, do one for a longer time and another throughout the workout session. Gradually, you should build the amount of time and add other motion to the workout to benefit more.

Going backward may sound weird to someone, but you can actually do this with an elliptical machine. This thing will help you to add variety to your workout. Working out by going backward is best for glutes and hamstrings.

Swing Your Arms

Usually, elliptical machines come up with two types of handles one is fixed, and another is movable. Elliptical machines with movable swing arms are the best machine for having a full-body workout. Swing the arms allows your whole body to move, not only the lower body.

Adding Intervals

Increasing the resistance and incline level, do a 5-minute workout each time. So, start peddling comfortably with a base pace and warm up the body for 5 minutes. After that, start pedaling with full force and energy for 2 minutes. And, then for 3 minutes, slow down the pace. Repeat this pattern at least 4 times. 

Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using an Elliptical

Some Mistakes You Should Avoid While Using an Elliptical

Often people use the elliptical machine in the wrong way that leads their body to get aches and soreness. So, you should strictly avoid the following mistakes when using an elliptical machine.

Never Turn up the Resistance

Alex Carneiro, a certified personal trainer, stated that “many people use it just because the elliptical machine is joint-friendly. But if you don’t use resistance, you can’t elevate the heart rate enough and challenge your body to push more.” So, increasing the resistance and incline level is essential for an effective workout.

Do Not Stand up Straight

The most common mistake is slouching forward like resting on the handles. While using an elliptical, you should stay straight. Slouching forward makes the workout easier but zero effective. If you stay straight, the core, abs, and muscle will get more engaged.

Following the Same Workout Every Day

In the long run, doing the same activity repeatedly can not provide many benefits. Trying a variety of workouts is best for engaging the muscles and greatly improves the workout effectiveness. Adding HIIT, raising the level of resistance, intensity, and incline, is ideal for getting variety.

Pushing the Pedals Too Hard With Toes

Your feet’ position can make a big difference while working out on the elliptical machine. Pushing too much pressure on the toes can make them go numb at the mid-workout session. Shift the pressure onto the heel, make a proper balance, and eliminate the discomfort.

Bouncing up and Down

While using the elliptical, you should keep the body posture at a level position. The body should not be bouncing up and down while moving on the elliptical. Staying level is harder, but it reduces the excess pressure on joints.

Other Benefits of the Elliptical

Elliptical machines are not only beneficial for weight loss but also can provide many more advantages. After starting to use it, within a short time, you can explore these benefits.

Relieve Stress

Proper exercise on an elliptical machine keeps the mind relaxed by producing more serotonin and endorphins. So, your body will feel stress less, calm, and more confident every time finishing the workout.

Reduce Type-2 Diabetes

Insulin helps the sugar to produce in the human body cells. But, insulin can’t work adequately with people who are suffering from type-2 diabetes. Regular exercise on an elliptical machine makes the muscles more delicate to insulins. In this way, the body can use the stored body sugar.

Boost Stamina and Cardio Capacity

Aerobic exercises are basically known as cardio exercises. Cardio exercise makes the heart and lungs work more hard. Which helps to supply blood and oxygen to the body muscles. Thus, it builds body endurance and stamina.


You can use an elliptical machine for walking, running, sprinting, and climbing exercises. Avoiding any injury, this machine can provide effective low-impact cardio exercises.

You can boost your stamina, have a healthier heart and lungs, burn calories, and do a full-body workout. Over and above, with an elliptical machine, you can live a fit and healthy life.

This guide showed how effective is elliptical for weight loss and some effective exercise methods. If you start exercising following the above tips, you can feel the sudden change in your body. So, let’s get started with your elliptical machine and lose all the excess fat from the body.

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