How Elliptical Training Can Improve Your Running?

Running is one type of exercise that works on your whole body. When you use a machine to follow through this workout, it is even better as it then takes care of your core and other body parts as well.

But if you ever want to upgrade, this workout routine, the best way to do so is to bring home an elliptical machine. It is one of the most sought after cardio machines available in the market that you can make good use of.

Here's how you can improve your running sesh with the use of the elliptical machine.

But before we delve into this subject, here are some benefits of using this machine. Check it out:

If you want to lose calories and shed excess weight, this machine will come to your rescue. This cardio workout equipment will easily burn up to 400 calories in almost 30 minutes.

To boost this factor, consider hopping onto this machine and practicing high-intensity workouts.

Burns Body Fat

This machine can help you lose body fat and also tone your body muscles, that too in a shorter frame of time. Consider adding intervals in between your workout and take this time to recover from high-intensity workouts. Continue using the pedals, but do so at a slow pace.

Improves Your Balance

This machine is not just known for weight loss strategies, but it can also help strengthen your bones. Besides that, when you stand up on it and leave the handles of the machine, you will work the core muscles and it will help you maintain balance.

Now, if you are wondering how to use this machine for running, here's the right way to do so:


The trainer is a low impact workout machine that is ideal for people who have leg problems, especially during running. The trainer is amazing and works the same muscles while running and is a fantastic at-home workout machine, that will come to your rescue so you can work out with ease.

The best part of using this machine is that it avoids injury. Since running on tracks for longer duration can easily hurt people in their joints, this machine actually becomes a great alternative to such issues.

For people who do not want any negative impact in their knees or muscles and still like to enjoy running, this elliptical is a great one to lay your hands on.


The following are some amazing features that the machine helps you with:

  • You can adjust or change the level of resistance as per your will. If you are in a mood for cardio, you can use it in low intensity and vice versa for an intense session.
  • The model that comes with an inclined ramp helps run motion or hiking. This grants a lot of workout options that you can choose. The incline level gives you a perfect workout.
  • The pedals of the machine help in backward and forward motion. It gives a great variety of exercises on a different set of muscles.
  • Many models come with moveable handles and they help in working your upper body, granting a good balance for your workout.


This machine is an excellent one for aerobic fitness and has a lot of cardiovascular benefits. This machine builds your legs. The handles, on the other hand, work your upper body.

Many people underestimate the power of an elliptical machine. This machine has multifold benefits for runners. “The elliptical is good for runners who have had an injury or some kind of limitation. It has similar strides to running and can help build up the same muscles used for your running performance,” says Aaptiv Trainer Rochelle Moncourtois.

Running Posture

Once you are on the trainer, it lets you focus on the running posture as well. Instead of sitting, it works your hips and chest during the workout.

It is important to note that working on the elliptical without the usage of arm handles will perhaps help burn more calories and will not let you get used to the wrong technique. You can use the fixed handles but try to not hold it at all to improve the posture. This will help strengthen your core.

Improve Your Form

The elliptical machine helps you control your leg movements and it helps move your feet quickly. The number of times your feet touch the ground is what is counted and that helps check your workout routine.

Research says that on average a person can stride about 90 steps in a minute. Runners sometimes stride and take big steps that can cut down the stride. Hence, it is important to gauge that you are making the most of this machine by keeping the stride proper, with improved speed and less spend on energy. It will give your body a proper impact. Try it out.

Increase Stamina

Working on the elliptical machine and practicing running on it can be done with the incline and climbing workout as well. Using it will activate your gluteal muscle group. The intensity of it is equal to running hills and this way of working out helps your core as well.

Prepare For Better Races

Races mean a lot of running and runners follow a pattern while prepping. They follow a schedule in which they practice running with one day rest in between. It helps in gaining strength and endurance.

Now, if you try to do the same on an elliptical machine, it will help you reap more benefits. Although some machines are not as helpful, elliptical as a cross-trainer will help reduce the chances of injuries and work on the significant muscles.


From this, it is pretty evident that ellipticals are really helpful in improving running. This low impact machine avoids injuries and tears. If you are someone, who will soon turn forty or above, this machine is actually good to prevent any sort of wear and tear in your body.

The benefits of this machine should not be ignored and you must include it in your daily workout routine.

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