How Much Should I Pay For A New Elliptical?

Have you ever wondered about the long waiting time for elliptical trainers or cross-trainers at the gym? The reasons for this are multifold. Elliptical give high-calorie burn and help build stamina without stressing joints. The impact-free and aerobically challenging workout sessions are perfect for those recovering from injuries or arthritis.

Unlike most cardio machines, elliptical give both the upper and lower body good workouts. You can even fit them into popular HIIT elliptical programs. Moreover, an elliptical resistance can quickly be increased or decreased according to your fitness goals. As a result, elliptical are popular, from the elderly to Olympic athletes.

For home users, an elliptical is an all-in-one home exercise machine. It helps you exercise at your convenience and privacy. Moreover, compared to a dedicated home gym, an elliptical takes lesser space and is comparatively easier to set up.

As a bonus, an elliptical lets you exercise while watching TV or reading the news! With a vast variety of models available in the market at attractive price ranges, owning a home elliptical has become an attractive option for most people.

Understanding the pricing of elliptical trainers

While narrowing down the choices, one of the most important considerations is the cost. Sadly, many are unsure how much to spend on a new elliptical. Unfortunately, many also are under the false impression that the more expensive the elliptical, the better it will be.

We have prepared the following section to explain the three different price levels of ellipticals to help you arrive at an optimum purchase budget.

High-end elliptical

High-end home elliptical are usually the home versions of elliptical found in expensive gyms. Gym-quality elliptical may cost anywhere between $600 to $6000. The pretty wide price range is because the costlier ones have higher weight capacity, premium features, and advanced consoles.

High-end ellipticals

However, elliptical under 1000 will be more sufficient for home use. High-end ellipticals are made of premium quality raw materials. They last long with minimal maintenance issues. They have higher weight capacity, are bulkier, and are much more stable than less expensive models.

A high-end home elliptical is great for large households and people who regularly push their endurance limits. These machines can take a beating and last a long time. However, if maintained regularly, it could last your lifetime almost. Some examples of high-end brands are- Matrix. Precor, True, and Life Fitness.

Mid-range elliptical

Mid-range elliptical are very popular among home buyers. These elliptical are well-built, stable, and durable like the high-end models but have lesser gizmos and a less advanced console. They offer more features than the entry-level models.

Mid-range ellipticals

Elliptical under 500 will somewhat typify the mid-range segment. These elliptical are for serious users who regularly work out and require more options like incline capability, extra built-in workout programs, heart rate monitoring, etc.

There is vast price variation in the mid-range segment. The costlier ones will have extra workout programs, advanced consoles, premium features, and specialized tech. Brands like Sole, NordicTrack, Horizon, and ProForm are top-rated in this segment.

Entry-level elliptical

Entry-level elliptical are lightweight, compact, and bare-boned. As a result, these basic machines are very popular with the elderly and rehabilitation purposes. Furthermore, due to their compact nature, they are ideal for households having space constraints.

Entry-level ellipticals

Entry-level elliptical will cost anywhere from $150 up to about $300. Elliptical under 300 in this segment will have a few built-in workout programs, some levels of resistance, a lightweight processor, and a basic console.

As their warranty suggests, these elliptical are not built to last. They do serve the purpose of the workout, though, albeit without extra bells and whistles. Some popular brands in this segment are- Sunny Health, Weslo, Exerpeutic, etc.

To wind off

Now that we have demystified the three different price levels of elliptical, you will be more confident while choosing the right elliptical for your needs. But it pays to do more research on the different tech and features in various models.

As you become knowledgeable about elliptical, you will be able to choose the best one for your money’s worth. We always recommend investing in the best elliptical machine you can afford. A quality home elliptical machine will be a pleasure to work out with. With a bit of maintenance, you can use it for a long time.

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