How Runners Can Stay Fit When They Are Injured?

For runners, who are always in the habit of being ahead of the league, are the people who are the most affected in case they are injured.

Yes, injuries can be remedied with rest. In case, it is severe, with proper follow-ups, everything can be mended. But, since you are always active and want to make the most of this time, even when you are injured, there are some ways in which you can stay fit.

Yes, running is what you love, but this is the best time to let the sport and yourself rest so you can recover faster from it.

Certain types of exercises, which you follow will help your legs and make you feel better. With your doctor's guidelines, these are some of the best ones that you can try out to stabilize the injury and begin the recovery process asap.

Pool Running

During this time, if you are not able to bear any weight, aqua jogging is your best option. It helps maintain fitness when you are injured. With so many cross-training options, this one is the most helpful. It means that you can run, but the movement is limited which is a good exercise for your legs.

The workout may be slow and less exciting since you are in the habit of running, but if you push hard, you might find peace in this sort as well. It can get monotonous, but since it is for your health, you will see the change and benefits.


Another cross-training option is elliptical machines. The benefits of an elliptical machine are unknown to many, but let us tell you that if you have injured yourself, this one is the best bet for your joints.

To make sure, you can make the most out of this one, wear elliptical shoes. With the best shoes for supination, exercising on this machine is bound to give you good results when you have injured yourself.

Just like the pool running, this machine is a great alternative that will help your feet. Besides, this at-home machine will allow you to feel better once you give your legs a good exercise.

Strength Training

This is a broad term that encapsulates many types of workout. But since your body needs some rest at the moment, you can try out some strength training exercises. This can be a part of a runner's routine.

For runners, the weak areas are glutes and hips, but strengthening is required for the overall body. You can add bodyweight training to your routine and make it perfect. You can add subtract exercises that you like or dislike. This will help improve your progress and you will be able to pull off some hard exercises as well.


Yoga is relaxing and quite therapeutic. Yoga helps you have a flexible body. If you have recently injured yourself, this soothing workout will start working on it and you won't even get to know when it disappeared.

With so many options like videos and apps, you can do this at the comfort of your home as well. Yoga poses help to build strength and stamina. With some great breathing exercises and movement, yoga is truly beneficial for runners, who have injured themselves.

These were some sort of exercises to stay active. Read further to stay mindful as well during this whole process. 



Cycling also really helps. This is non-weight bearing, and hence it is pain-free as well. This one grants a perfect opportunity so you can have a good workout with proper tempos and breaks in between.

Cycling is really helpful and it strengthens hips and glutes. A cycling workout for at least 15 minutes is equivalent to running. You can also do this exercise at home with a best folding exercise bike. Keep yourself active and stay fit with this idea!

Your Food Habits Matter

Food Habits Matter

In the midst of all this, you cannot afford to miss out on your food habits. While you are not running and are trying to relax, chances are you might end up gaining weight.

What you need to remember is that this is temporary and you will come back on track. Reduce fried food and other items that are filled with extra fats and carbohydrates. This looks really tempting while resting. But when you control the craving, you will be able to heal better and faster.

Keep Patience

It is obvious that runners wish to get back on track asap, but keeping patience during such times is really important. You need to know that if you lack patience and rush to the track, while your body has not recovered, it will worsen the situation.

Home Exercises

To keep your legs relaxed, these are some exercises that you can try out at home.

  • Straight Leg Raises - A very common one, you just have to straighten your legs at a 90-degree angle and do this at least 15 times. This helps your knee area.
  • Knee Bends - This is another exercise that will improve your flexibility around your knees.
  • Ankle Movements - There are recovery exercises like extensions and rotations. The workout is basic and simple and these have to be done on the floor.

Hence it is safer. Take advice from your doctor and see if this can be performed with bands. Try it out.


When you are injured, it does not mean that you have to lock your physical activity completely. You can stay in shape, even if you have injured yourself. Taking rest is important but some exercises will better up the healing process.

Take these steps seriously to keep yourself safe.

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