How To Exercise During A COVID-19 Pandemic

A pandemic like COVID-19 has a crippling effect on virtually everything around us, including our daily life routine.

As of now, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has spread to all 50 states in the USA.

With each passing moment, the authorities are realizing that the isolation measures which have been enforced could last for months.

So that’s a bummer, but then again these austerity measures are needed since a contagious pandemic necessitates isolation and social distancing.

This means no more working out at your local gym, nevertheless, without a healthy workout your physical and mental health will start to deteriorate.

Don’t despair, there are plenty of efficient ways through which we can continue and maintain our workout schedule.

I know it sounds a bit orthodox for some folks, after all, working out is a sort of communal activity, but given the circumstances, this is an ideal approach.

The kind of motivation you get when you leave your home for the gym is somewhat unique, but people around the world are adapting and turning their living room into a gym.

In this trying times working out takes utmost precedence as it enhances and toughens our immune system.

Now let’s talk about the types of exercise which we can go for under lockdown.


Just make sure your shoulders, spine, and hips are in sync, don’t want to cause any unwanted injury in this present environment.

I am sure you can find some creative ways to ramp this up.

Exercise During a COVID-19 Pandemic


As you know performing sit-ups is one great way to toughen your core. With practice, you’ll find sit-ups as easy as lying in a bed.

Leg jumps

As opposed to 2 legged jumps, try the single-leg one.

The best thing about this is that it will rectify any muscle imbalance there is. Other advantages include increased reactivity, hastening, and co-ordination.

Weightless squats

Otherwise known as body weight squats, it’s an all-rounder workout that pretty much affects everything there is in the lower body.

Jumping jacks

You need to warm up before you can begin your workout regimen, and this is surely one of the best warm-up options available.

Note: Just make sure that you are at a safe distance from your workout buddy, in case you have one.

Have you watched MacGyver? Well if you have then it’s time to make use of that knowledge. How? Well:

  • When you are done with the soup cans you can use those cans to work on your bicep curls.
  • Need a resistance band? A towel is a good substitute for it.
  • Use masking tape to jump back and forth, do that for 20-25 minutes and you got yourself a great cardio workout.

Furthermore, to make the workout even easier and engaging, many fitness experts are live-streaming their classes to bring people together.

But unlike a Netflix show, here you are required to make some effort, and break a sweat.

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Outdoor activities

Some experts recommend that we should engage ourselves in outdoor activities, like running, biking. hiking, and walking.

Health-wise speaking, spending time in fresh air is quite better. 

I know what you are thinking, what about isolation? Well, the main objective of isolation is about maintaining a safe distance, which can also be achieved at an outdoor location.

San Francisco, for instance, has made an exception for solo outdoor activities, so if you are outside and weather is amenable then it is okay to venture out.

But keep in mind that you need to give one another safe berth.

Nonetheless, these outdoor activities come with the same limitation, that being, if the place is crowded then avoid it at all costs.

Soon when the spring arrives many people will start gathering in public places like parks, playgrounds, etc to kill their isolation boredom. This will complicate things further. 

The only exception to some extent would be trail parks to have enough seclusion.

In any case, avoid using any exercise/sporting equipment, and if possible try to get yourself involved with any water-based activity.

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If you fear that you might lose interest in working out then I suggest you get your gym buddy on a video call, that way you will have a reason for not bailing out on your workout.

Follow the guidelines laid out by your state authority while being outdoor, trust me they are for your own good.

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