I Want To Use My Elliptical, But I’m Pregnant

Gone are those days when pregnancy was a no-exercise phase. Nowadays, doctors recommend would-be mommies to continue exercises that are safe, light, and helpful for keeping the body muscles, especially pelvic muscles flexible.

As a whole, brisk walking, swimming or aerobics are good options for doing exercise during the pre-delivery carrying phase. But what if you don’t have the options open for these outdoor exercises?

Use Of Elliptical During Pregnancy

In that case, according to doctors, indoor or closed-door exercises will do fine for the pregnant ladies. I got my answer from Google and later on from the local gym owner. What I found of late that using an elliptical machine, I can happily continue my exercise routine, whereas I will be absolutely safe too. 

I was surprised knowing that all three trimesters are not the same for doing exercise. The requirement of exercise may vary by each trimester.

The 9-month pregnancy period is divided into three phases: they are first trimester, second trimester, and third trimester.

The exercise need and recommendation of doctors vary largely from one trimester to another, depending on the general health of the pregnant lady.

So I have planned my exercise types and accordingly set my schedule. My doctor suggested that -

  • 1st Trimester: I need to embrace a slow and steady approach to fitness.
  • 2nd Trimester: more energy leads to huge benefits while exercising.
  • 3rd Trimester: regular exercise helps in getting prepared for labor.

But my biggest worry was about selecting the medium of doing my pregnancy exercise, and I always have a soft nose for indoor exercise. And there I got the option of doing KEGEL exercise.

What is KEGEL exercise? How does it help in pregnancy?

KEGEL exercise, also called as pelvic-floor exercise, includes recurrently contracting and relaxing the muscles that help in forming the part of the pelvic floor, now sometimes colloquially referred to as the "KEGEL muscles."

KEGEL exercise

KEGEL exercise for pregnant women is highly recommended by doctors as it is helpful for a pregnant woman to improvise the pelvic floor for adopting physiological stresses of the advanced stages of pregnancy and childbirth.

KEGEL exercises are diagnosed as a good remedy to treat vaginal prolapse and preventing the risk of uterine prolapse. Here I got the idea of exercising on an elliptical.

Why an indoor elliptical is a better option of exercise in pregnancy

In pregnancy, attending the gym on a daily basis may not be a feasible idea. Some exercises and machines are off-limits during this time, and you may not have the energy level if you try to get them done in the pregnancy phase. An elliptical can help you in an organized way.

Pregnancy induces significant pressure on a woman’s body.

Research and surveys have shown that exercise during the pregnancy has manifold advantages; elliptical workouts permits a low-impact option to burn calories as well as in toning muscles.

indoor elliptical in pregnency

An elliptical is a useful option for pregnant mothers because they have the capacity to regulate the resistance, speed, and span of your workout. I found it pretty helpful for me too.

Let’s know the elliptical features

I found some features of Ellipticals helpful. These are:

  • The elliptical trainer is configured to promote cardiovascular exercise. 
  • It offers the users the facility of a very low-impact aerobic workout. 
  • Low-impact exercises, such as elliptical workouts, are perfect for carrying mothers as they don't have any bouncing or jarring movements which can turn dangerous for pregnant ladies.

I found it is easy to use:

What the trainer said about the use of an elliptical trainer -

  • I have to stand with your feet on large pedals and hold onto handlebars.
  • Depending on the type of elliptical trainer, the handlebars may or may not move as I move my feet.
  • This can help in toning the arms as you tone your legs and mend your cardiovascular endurance.

I found the action is perfectly manageable for me. I became gradually comfortable about using the trainer during my pregnancy period.

Elliptical Safeguards

It is important to maintain some precautions before using an elliptical. These are:

  • Seek your doctor's approval before beginning an exercise program during pregnancy.
  • The doctor can offer clear guidelines and warnings about how exercise will affect your baby and your body.
  • Your doctor will be able to tell you about the best exercises.

Elliptical Guidelines

In pregnancy, you can take rigorous work out plan.  I found elliptical guidelines are easy to follow. My doctor said -

  • Regardless you have practiced exercise before or not, during pregnancy you have to start workout slowly…Your exercise plan should be according to your body’s need.
  • Your exercise should be according to the weight you are carrying.
  • You should perform a 5-minute warm-up and cool-down session each time before you use the elliptical.
  • Use the elliptical to stretch the muscles and to relax your body simultaneously.
  • Start with 10 to 15 minutes/session and gradually extend your time until you reach at the 30 minutes pre-set benchmark.
  • According to the American Pregnancy Association, you should take recurrent breaks.
  • You should drink fluids throughout the exercise.

Danger Signs which you can monitor with an elliptical

During exercise, you always have to be extra cautious about your physical safety. I found that an elliptical is easy to follow the danger signs.

  • As you exercise, you can keep track of your heart-rate as well as your internal temperature.
  • If you are not perspiring or feeling do too much, your internal temperature can rise during the activity session: as a pregnant mother, it can be harmful to your baby.

What to expect from an elliptical?

I found it a successful machine for working out during pregnancy.

  • The elliptical trainer places little stress on my bone and muscle joints.
  • However, the gesture may feel bumpy if you're experiencing the problem of SYMPHYSIS PUBIC DYSFUNCTION (SPD), a pain in the anterior of the crotch area.

I found both the issues are interesting and helpful in my pregnancy period exercise plan.

Warning signs: few alarming symptoms you should not overlook

Pregnant women who exercise should monitor a few signs of potential problems as the user effect result of the elliptical machine. However, in most of the cases, no harm is done by exercise if it is prescribed by the doctor.

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Stop exercising and consult your doctor if you have:

  • Vaginal bleeding.
  • Stomach restricting.
  • Unusual dizziness.
  • A sudden spell of nausea.
  • Extreme headache.

All the above information and clues have given me a clear indication that during pregnancy, exercising is beneficial, but it is also important to stay fit and fine. By using an elliptical, you can stay fit, in shape, and flexible in the safest way.

As I love doing exercise indoor, in pregnancy, I found elliptical as a perfect trainer for my safe workout. What do you say?

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