ProForm Hybrid Trainer Review For 2023

An entry-level fitness machine for the entire body, the ProForm Hybrid Trainer is admirable for its many useful features.

It’s a happy mix of an elliptical trainer and a recumbent one. This makes it highly cost-effective because it offers you two kinds of exercise styles for the price of one.

This feature makes this proform hybrid trainer highly versatile, which comes to light only with regular use.

This trainer works all the muscles of the body without impacting it severely. When used at about 80% of your maximum heart rate, it supports a good cardio workout. In general, this unique unit aims to increase the body metabolism, tone muscles and provide cardio exercise.

Features: proform hybrid trainer

These are some of the most salient features of the ProForm Hybrid Trainer:

Ease of Use and Highly Comfortable

This ProForm Hybrid Trainer is very easy to use and is exceptionally comfortable. It's so comfortable that you can lie on your back and keep pedaling on the recumbent bike part. The seat is ergonomically designed and has thick padding so that it easily accommodates a variety of body shapes.

The engineers of this product seem to have taken everything into account, so now you needn’t worry if you’ll have any soreness after a workout.

The product has textured and large foot platforms that not only give you a firm grip while pedaling but even when you perform intense workouts. The handlebars and elliptical arms are textured and heavily padded so that if you have sweaty hands, they don’t slip and cause you any injury.

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Console Unit

This trainer comes fitted with an iFit Bluetooth Smart console. If you already have an iFit subscription, you can use it to access a large workout library with an infinite number of workouts, apart from the exclusive workouts designed by TV trainers Chris and Heidi Powell.

14 Inbuilt Intense Workout Programs

This ProForm Hybrid Trainer has inbuilt 14 intense workout programs which work with a battery. These programs help you track your pulse, calories, distance, time and speed. Secondary features include an EKG heart rate monitor, iFit Bluetooth connection and a water bottle holder.

Resistance and Incline

This unit contains 16 digital resistance levels, making it attractive for use by novices and professionals. Once you meet a particular challenge and want to move on to the next, all you need do is to adjust the resistance according to your requirements.

To ensure a smooth user experience, this proform hybrid trainer has been fitted with Silent Magnetic Resistance.

Proform Hybrid Trainer

Reversible Range of Motion

Another exciting feature is the trainer’s reversible range of motion. Here, you may be working out on the elliptical part of the cycle or on its recumbent part, but it allows you to switch between backward and forward running motions.

Full-Body Fitness

Not only does this trainer tone your upper body but it makes an impact on your entire body. It’s Dual Action Handle Bars with easy and soft grips help the whole body exercise while using any of the 14 pre-set programs. These programs offer versatility in terms of exercise modes that help keep the entire body toned.

Other Features

This Trainer has a stride length of 15 inches and large, textured and adjustable pedals. It also comes with a large LCD display.

Best For


  • It can be used either as an elliptical or a recumbent bike.
  • It ensures greater security with its large 15-inch pedals and textured platform.
  • It comes with 16 integrated workout programs.
  • The Silent Magnetic Resistance feature makes this trainer work quietly and smoothly.


  • The unit has an extremely light flywheel, barely 14 lbs.
  • At 15’’, its stride is very short.

The technology used in the ProForm Hybrid Trainer makes this machine a cut above the others. It is also the reason why it’s difficult to find another machine as good within the same price bracket. It offers weight loss and cardio exercise and is a sturdy, quiet and durable machine.

Besides, few machines can beat the Proform hybrid trainer elliptical for its versatility.

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