Pros And Cons Of Whole Body Vibration Exercise

Aging is a natural process wherein our body all together gradually accepts to subtle down our routine life. Be it our day-to-day lifestyle to our workout session, we need to accept the fact of the aging process and tag along.

It doesn't mean that one should start channeling their thought process to being weak and vulnerable. To keep yourself fit, healthy, and happy throughout, thankfully, the whole body vibration exercise tunes in with your energy.

Firstly, we shall thoroughly know what a whole body vibration exercise is, and then let's bring it on a little know-how.

What exactly

The concept of the whole body vibration machine believes in emitting energy through vibrations. The same energy helps your body to play its reflex.

As this action helps in the stretch and contraction of muscles, you can have a feeling of a workout session by simply sitting, standing, or laying. The external stimulation is said to occur repeatedly around 3,000 repetitions in 60 seconds!

How to?

How to

After taking a sneak peek at the whole body vibration machine's agenda, let's showcase the simple and suitable exercises. 

You need to know that the whole body vibration machine is an add-on to your gym session. The only difference is that it is beneficial for those who are advised to mellow down their gymming session.

So, using your body weight as your simple strategy, try the simple and basic exercises that match your intensity. You can go for squats, bending exercises, stretches, push-ups, sit-ups, dips, planks, lunges, crunches, etc. 

Now that you have an idea of what all works for your body, you can mix and match the exercise and try on different combinations. 

Suits best for?

Suits best for

Now, you might already have a glimpse of how the overall concept of the whole body vibration exercise is focused on.

The concept revolves around tuning the exercise on a mellow side and yet be amazingly effective. Thus, this sort of exercise goes hand in hand and lifting up the zest spirit of keeping our body fit, happy, and healthy.

People with injuries, disabilities, and senior citizens can ace their health and fitness quotient amazingly up with this simple exercise.

Pros and cons of the whole body vibration exercise machine

By spreading some efficacious aura around, let's start with some positivity.



As the exercise is designed to sync with a "laid back" lifestyle, one can have a therapeutic session by being passively present. You need not gather your strength to lift, hop, or churn! You just have to sit, stand, or lay down and allow the machine to pass on its vibrations!

A repetitive and robotic lifestyle is bound to amplify stress levels and make the person feel low and dull. Thus, it helps to sync in your work-life balance and to turn down your stress level, and enhances your motion too.


Although you are contributing passively to maintain your fitness quotient, the machine does its job by toning your muscles and body. This amazing exercise helps to increase your bone density and thus, strengthens your core overall.

It not only tones your muscles but also makes sure that every muscle group is thoroughly targeted and strengthened.

Churn It Up

It helps you stay in your health lane by not only toning your muscles but also helping your burn excess fat. As this machine also tightens your muscle group, you can ace your style game up with a toned, tight, and beautiful body.

The machine also works great for people suffering from conditions such as arthritis, Parkinson's, and MS.


With a glance at all these positive and effective points, one needs to get a reality check regarding its downside too.

Not Suitable For

Even though the whole body vibration machine is impressive with so many advanced and amazing features, it has its cons too.

People with operation history, migraine, pregnancy, acute hernia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, epilepsy, any neurological illness, and many other sensitive factors are recommended not to use.


As this mode of exercise can be an addiction, using it frequently can gradually be harmful to the spine. So, it is recommended to limit the usage to only 15-20 minutes and follow the guidelines appropriately.

Combine this type of exercise by teaming it with any other exercise forms say: jogging, Zumba, Yoga, walking, swimming, etc.


The whole body vibration exercise brings in a new zeal to all those people with injuries and senior citizens. One can start or resume their workout session by hopping onto this amazing equipment.

But, one must also make sure to put a time limit to the same as it is harmful. Instead of feasting on the whole workout session by simply lying on it, try to combine different forms of exercise to reap many beneficial factors. Play safe. Stay safe.

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