7 Safety Tips To Follow Before Using an Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machines are the new ‘in' thing in fitness. They can be found at every gym and most homes where fitness freaks reside. They are great machines, as they burn a lot more calories than your traditional treadmills, and make you feel like you’re working harder than you actually are.

Stimulating stair climbing or cycling with pedals, elliptical machines are excellent for people with injuries, as they do not put any pressure on joints. Burning fat is as easy as pie with elliptical machines, as is strengthening and toning muscles.

Wait! Before you hop on to your nearest elliptical machine, read on to find out 7 major safety tips that you should be aware of, lest you end up injuring yourself on the elliptical.

Before using any machine, it makes sense to check whether it is correctly assembled or not. Similar is the case with all elliptical machines since you would not want the machine to fall apart during the workout!

Ask for professional help if you are unsure about the assembly of the machine. Loose parts and screws should be fitted and tightened before an operation.

2. A slow start is good

Slow and steady wins the race, doesn’t it? Follow the same principle on the elliptical machine while starting, and you will almost guarantee your safety.

Keeping a gradual speed for about 5 minutes to warm yourself up, then slowly increasing speed is the way to go here. Always remember to cool down after your workout, since your muscles need to relax after all that training.


The console on the machine can be a really handy device while working out. It tells you the time you’ve been on the machine for, your heart rate, the calories you’ve burned, etc. Keeping a close eye on all these things can come in really handy.

For instance, if you see your heart rate going past an alarming number, it is probably time to slow down. If you feel weak or short of breath, it is a good idea to stop. Burning yourself out is never recommended. A proper form is necessary.

Safety Tips To Using An Elliptical Machine

Maximize your elliptical workout with these essential safety tips.

4. Keep a tight grip on the handrails

Not holding the handrails might result in you going off balance and tumbling down the machine- you don’t want that, do you? Handrails are designed to keep your body in the right position while working out, and also to keep you secure.

If you do not feel like holding them, just keep your arms swinging in a natural position. This also helps you work out your core.

5. A proper form is necessary

Get your body at the appropriate posture to extract the most benefit from your workout. Working out on an elliptical machine isn't as easy as hopping onto it, and pressing the start button! Begin slowly, maintain your form, and gradually increase your speed!

Keep your core tight and engaged for the duration of your workout. This avoids unnecessary injuries and ensures a comfortable and safe workout.

6. Hydration is necessary!

While working out, if you feel a sensation of dizziness or blurred vision, chances are that you need some water. Dehydration is a big no-no during any workout, therefore, keep a water bottle with you at all times that you work out.

7. Listen to your mind and body!

Last, but not the least, listen to what your mind and body have to say! If you feel tired or out of breath while working out, it is time to take a break. Even though you may read a gazillion safety tips on the internet, it is ultimately in your own hands!

Therefore, always follow your mind and body, and when it tells you to take a break, do it. Ensure your safety and that of others around you!

Have a great workout!

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