How To Stop An Elliptical From Squeaking

If you prefer working out in the privacy and comfort of your home, ellipticals are the way to go. They don’t take too much space and give you a good full-body workout. Ellipticals are easy to use and are easy to set up. Unlike most other forms of exercise, they provide you an impact-free workout.

The best thing about an elliptical is that it is quiet. You don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbor or waking up your roommate while using it. But what if it starts making squeaking noises when you workout? A noisy elliptical is annoying not only to you but also to your neighbor.

Squeaking is a result of undue friction on the moving parts of the elliptical. If left untreated, the squeaking will cause irreversible damage to your elliptical. It is important for the machine as well as your neighbors that you get it fixed as soon as possible.

Reasons for squeaky sound in an elliptical

Loose connection of bolts

Usually changes the alignment of certain parts. This makes the elliptical squeak when it is used. You can set up a monthly check-up regimen for loose bolts and fittings. You can tighten any loose ones easily with the tool kit provided by the manufacturer.

Collection of dust

Dust, and grime can settle over the moving parts of your elliptical over time. It tends to clog where the wheels meet the belt. This causes friction that results in the irritating squeaking sound. It is important to vacuum or dust around your elliptical regularly.

To clean any dust build up, you have to detach the shell of the elliptical cross trainer machine. Unscrew the screws that connect the shell to the mainframe (though there are many models, the basic structure is the same).

Clean inside thoroughly using a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner. Do not use a wet cloth! Trapping moisture in your elliptical is a bad idea. Besides causing rust, it can get into the electricals causing a short circuit. 

Collection of dust

Verify if the floor is level

The elliptical needs to be mounted on an even floor. An uneven surface will create unnecessary stress on the moving parts of the elliptical. This could cause a squeaking noise.

Lubricate regularly

Use an aerosol multi-purpose lubricant to lubricate the bolts that connect the handlebars to the lower arms. Spray it also on the bolts connecting the roller arms to the mainframe crank.

Use marine grease around the rollers on the roller arms beneath the pedals. Marine grease is recommended as it is designed to lubricate open gears and can last longer. This allows you more time between lubrication.

Once you finish lubricating, operate the elliptical to let the grease spread evenly onto the roller ramps. Finally, wipe away the excess lubricant from the rollers and the ramps. Excess oil and grease attract and trap dust and grime.

To wind off

In most cases, the above guide will help you get rid of the squeaking noise. The above steps must be performed only if you are familiar with your elliptical. You must read the manufacturer’s manual before attempting any repair.

Call a professional if the above steps fail to eliminate squeaking. Remember to have a routine maintenance check-up once a month. This will keep your elliptical in great condition for a long time with a quiet, squeak-free operation.

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