Sunny Health and Fitness Air Walk Trainer SF-E902

Have you ever wondered how you can turn your boring workout session into a fun-filled, enthusiastic game? Well, if yes, then, here's a piece of equipment which makes can your wonders come true!

Yes, the sunny air walker trainer SF-E902 is an elliptical machine wherein you can perform different aerobic moves with variable levels of resistance.

Well, for those of us who do not exactly know what an elliptical machine is:

An elliptical machine is simple, stationary equipment which allows you to perform different exercises: Stair climbing, running, jogging, and walking.

As it limits adding immoderate pressure to the body, it helps in reducing the unwanted injuries. Due to this very reason, most of the senior citizens give a thumbs up to this wonderful piece.

Now, let's shift the spotlight towards the sunny health and fitness air walk trainer outstanding features which make buying irresistible!

Sunny Air Walker Trainer

Installation is done in a whoosh

Well, it is a wholesome package wherein hardly any installation is needed. It just demands a tightening and a few settings.

A real space saver!

If you are in search of a compact trainer with not so intense exercise, then, sunny air walker trainer is the one!

Here, whenever you are not using this sunny air walker trainer, you can easily fold this and keep it in a corner. Now, you can enjoy the perks of the elliptical trainer being folded to half its size!

If you have a small, pretty home, you should definitely look for the one which is feasible with available space.

Digital monitor:

Sunny Air Walker Trainer

If you are a fitness freak or a rookie who wants to accomplish the fitness goal, the sunny air walker trainer SF-E902 helps you by providing the digital monitor screen wherein you can track your progress and push yourself to accomplish the target.

The digital monitor lets you track the distance covered, count, calories, and the duration to enhance your zeal to focus on your personal fitness goals.

Also, the convenient scan mode displays your ongoing progress so that you can keep a track on your fitness goals.

Non-slip footpads

sunny air walker trainer

Ensuring balance while exercising just got easier! The sunny air walker trainer SF-E902 elliptical trainer provides non-slip foot pads which provide a proper balance and safety.

While encountering the most powerful workouts, the oversized non-slip footplates will ensure the safety by providing a proper grip.

High weight capacity

Feel secure and confident to use the sunny air walker trainer SF-E902 elliptical machine which is capable of holding up to 200lb weight!

As it is built of a heavy steel frame, it is capable of supporting your body during tough workouts. The strong fitness freaks might just find a right support system which fuels their bodies with an empowered zeal!

The stride length

No wonder the sunny air walker trainer SF-E902 looks so lavish and classy! The reason behind this is its 30-inch wide stride length! Yes, now move your legs forward, backward by ensuring great ease and comfort.

The stride length refers to the pedaling distance which causes your body to move back and forth. As the stride length mainly targets the parts such as calves, glutes, and thighs, it is better to choose an elliptical trainer which possesses longer stride length.

As the air walk trainer lets you extend your legs further, it helps in working out deep muscles and hamstrings in depth.

And more:

  • Dual-action handlebars.
  • Abdominal support pad.
  • Anti-slip platforms.
  • Non-skid foot platforms.

Best For

Final Verdict

The Sunny air walker trainer SF E902 offers you more than just comfort! Although it does not match up to a super-intense, vigorous workout, it does make you carve an updated version of yourself with all the useful and effective features! Know your count, focus on your target!

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