Whole Body Vibration Exercise Tips For Beginners

After a long, tiresome day, one wishes to soothe themselves by lying down or simply relaxing. How about you transform your rest time into workout time? The whole-body vibration exercise helps you to stay fit and healthy with some fantastic exercise design.

Celebrate your post-tiredness session by bringing home a whole-body vibration machine. You sit, stand, or simply lie down on your amazing whole body vibration machine and let the machine does its trick.

Whole Body Vibration Exercise Tips

For those of us who are keen to know what this whole-body vibration machine is, here it is.

A whole-body vibration machine consists of a simple platform. The platform is designed to emit vibrations while you come in contact with it. It is your choice to sit, stand, or simply lie down.

The whole-body vibration machine is now ready to transfer energy into your muscles. You can feel your muscles getting contracted and relaxed every second while you are in contact with the vibrating machine.

As the design speaks itself, this versatile equipment works best for older people, people with injuries, disabilities, and discomforts.

Sneak peek

While we are at it, we have combed up a few tips for beginners to make the best use of the whole-body vibrating machine. Let's peak:

Take it easy

If you are not sure of how to use the machine, then, we applaud you for your rookie mistake! The concept of this exercise machine is to provide you a relaxed workout with proper safety measures.

Thus, make sure you have placed the machine right and the connections are in sync. Take a deep breath, play some music, set up an ambiance, and sit/stand/lie down!

How long?

Well, once you get used to this amazing exercise, you might want to crave more! But, to all the beginners and well-versed people, it is recommended to use the machine 15 minutes per session.

If you are planning to cultivate this habit of vibrating exercise daily, you are sadly mistaken. As per our experts, one has to exercise weekly thrice giving 15 minutes per session.

Cut it right

It is still under debate that the vibration machine works as equivalent to other basic exercises like walking, jogging, or swimming. Thus, to get the most out of this fun-filled, relaxing exercise session, hold back the calorie count.

By simply practicing a healthy diet that involves lots of greens, veggies, and proteins, say no to calories. This way you can have a balanced, healthy, and happy lifestyle amid your busy schedule.


As one might get the hang of exercising in this whole-body vibration machine, it is hard to stop using it. Thus, you need to be aware of the situations wherein using this amazing machine can lend you nothing but harm.

You should avoid doing this exercise if you are conceiving. Also, if you are suffering from any chronic muscle pain or any other issues, you need to check with your doc first.


The whole-body vibrating exercise works best for those who have a hectic lifestyle. Being trapped in a busy schedule, one might not find time to exercise. Thus, switching to this option is worth it all.

But, for those, who are willing to take some time to enhance their fitness goals, here's something.

Apart from vibrating exercise, focus on adding up and honing your exercise pattern. Look for something that you love and enjoy doing say, aerobics, Zumba, and many other core strength activities.

And more

Vibration Exercise Tips

The whole-body vibrating exercise is also well-known for some of our daily based pains. With proper guidance and under expert supervision, this amazing machine can:

Heal or suppress backaches, lower the risk of bone loss, and also enhance balance and build strength in older people.

Grabbing the knowledge regarding the proper usage, let's shift our spotlight to the pros and cons of whole body vibration machine:


  • Builds the strength of your bones.
  • Makes you energetic, active, and stronger than before.
  • Boosts your recovery rate after an injury or post-workout.
  • Shaves off weight gradually.
  • Regulates better blood flow.
  • Tones your whole body by removing excess of water present in your body.

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With an umpteen bundle of great advantages, the whole-body vibrating exercise pokes with some cons too.


  • Harmful for the pregnant woman.
  • For people having diabetes, the migraine will have an adverse effect if used.
  • If not used under proper guidance, you might injure your hips and knees.
  • Should include an extra workout for better results.
  • Frequent use might injure the spine.


Ensure a better and proper usage of the machine by obeying the time limit specified to fetch the best results.

However, many people have been using vibrating machines for years without any side effects. It boils down to your body type, fitness record, and your body response.

Be aware of the fact that misusing the machine has lead to many long-term side effects. Thus, reap the maximum advantage by using it the right way.

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