Why Elliptical Machines Are A Best Choice For Seniors

Every time when I say this- "Make exercise a habit", my Grandma looks at me with a giant exclamatory mark written all over her face like- Say whaaaaat??? Well, if you are also "One of those" who is fond of the so-called slogan.

"Exercise is not everyone's cup of tea!", Then, I pity you for still living in the "Imaginary assumption" world. Come on, step out, and have a look at all the gigantic varieties of options available just for you.

I do agree with the fact that, it is not that easy to reframe your whole body from the pain in older years. But, if you step aside and look at the possibilities from a different angle, I am sure you will be amused to see the massive range of options rushing your way across!

Swimming, jogging, brisk walking, and what not? If you have witnessed the pain which is taking you off the track, then, you should look for the one which is "Joint-friendly" and "Anti-pain" exercise. Yes, an elliptical trainer it is!

An elliptical trainer, also known as the cross trainer is a machine which is mainly designed for the seniors to carry out the stationary and joint-friendly exercises such as jogging, brisk walking and climbing the stairs. As it does not involve in applying too much pressure on the joints, back, and ankles, it is free from inviting injuries and disasters.

Now, here's the "Here you go" to your "Why elliptical machine are a best choice for seniors":


By non-impact, I meant, the elliptical trainer does not impose any sort of pain in your knees, back or ankles. This is as effective as a swimming exercise except the "after effects". If you are prone to the problems related to you age, such as osteoporosis or arthritis, then, the elliptical trainer is best suited to keep your body active by the easy exercises possible.

Easy to adjust

Another plus point of the elliptical trainer is, it is super easy to adjust. You are not used to the high inclination? Tada! Lower the elevation and match the pattern according to your comfort! And you are good to go! It is crucial to be comfortable with the movements while exercising especially in your older years. And the elliptical trainer has it all.

Whole body workout

If you are up to the so-called "Walking-talking" exercise, you might have noticed that only your lower body is being worked out and the upper body is being clueless about the whole "Workout drama".

But, you will notice the difference when you start using the elliptical trainers. It makes the entire body move and thus keeps you active and refreshed.

As the body is getting older, it is essential to keep every muscle active by performing a minimum amount of exercise. The muscle might gradually tend to weaken if not kept busy by performing the possible exercises.

Key muscles

Apart from being super easy and senior-citizen friendly, it is a matter of fact that, it helps to strengthen the hamstrings and the quads which are the key factors that make you feel independent while standing up from the chair, sorting out the groceries or climbing the stairs with an ease.

It helps you to strengthen the back muscles and arms so that you don't have to worry about picking a heavy object or opening a door.

Controls the body weight

Weight gain is the most cliché problem when the old age hits. If you fail to notice that you are gradually getting piled up, then, you might face some of your worst nightmares. The elliptical trainer makes you lose your weight with "No side effects" included. If you workout at a relatively good level of intensity, then, you can see the magic happen!

Why elliptical machines are a best choice for seniors

Easy to use

Well, elliptical trainer gets a "Tick" mark for another important criterion- Easy to use! Yes, as an initial hiccup, you may take a day or two to get adjusted to the working pattern of the machine.

But, you eventually feel acquainted with the exercises which involve some natural movements such as walking, climbing, and jogging. Therefore, once you recognize the working pattern, you will love to take up the workout sessions in a fun way!

The balance buddy!

Yes, as you know the primary cause for the "Health breakdown" is a fall! Elliptical trainer guarantees the balance as long as you hold the handles firmly. It is your call to choose the level of intensity.

Mainly go for the level which you are comfortable with and which doesn't make you feel dizzy. Thus, the elliptical trainer provides you a proper balance according to the set intensity.

If you feel that you are being left out of an exercise, then, the elliptical trainer is your companion which offers you a steady, comfortable and a balanced environment.

This is undoubtedly an exercise which comes in handy as it is easy and convenient to opt for the intensity. If you are looking forward to a "No harm" exercise, then, the elliptical trainer is the one. As a "Take away", you are going to get some healthy and an independent quality of life which makes you feel self-sufficient!

Now, I guess I don't get to see any faces with the exclamatory marks written all over the face when I say "Make exercise a habit". Will I?

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